Falcon Golfer Makes it to Regionals

Alyssa Pickle

Freshman Dain Crnojevic on the varsity golf team made his way to golf regionals this year to compete in the NCHSAA 1A Midwest regional.

He was the lowest independent golfer in the state of North Carolina, and finished 35th on the leaderboard for the Piney Point Golf Club on Monday, May 3.

“It was a great experience and I’m happy that I qualified for regionals this year and was able to compete,” Crnojevic said. “I think I played really well under pressure at the competition, but I’m going to keep working and strive to make top-10 in state by my senior year.”

Dain Crnojevic putts the ball. Photo courtesy of John Bunyea / Blue Ridge Photo.

Sadly, the day of the meet there was rainy and unfavorable conditions but Crnojevic was able to shoot a 94. 

“I was really impressed with the work he put in for the competition, especially with the bad weather,” said Mr. Walsh, the golf coach. “Competing as a freshman is tough and if he keeps going he’s going to be really good, I’m really proud of all of his hard work that he’s put in this season.”

“I don’t think the rain was that much of a downside, really, I think it helped to put me in my element and focus on golfing,” Crnojevic said.

This is the golf team’s second time qualifying for the regional since two years ago. Dain is also the lowest score the team’s had at regionals.

“It was a great way to end the season, making regionals was a great accomplishment and I definitely want to work hard to be able to qualify again next year.”, Crnojevic said. “If I had any advice for other players it would be to keep your composure and don’t get mad, be a good sport, be humble, and play your game.”

Laura Richie: Softball Superhero

Jackson Faenza

Laura Richie, sophomore at the NCLA, is an avid softball player and led the softball team in many places this season.

“I started playing tee ball when I was about four years old. I have grown up watching my brother playing baseball and then my mom played softball in college at UNC- Greensboro. My dad also played a little slowpitch in high school also,” Laura Richie said.

She has played for the school ever since middle school and is also involved in a travel ball team. She plays second base and right field usually, but in school ball, she pitches.

“I only pitch in school ball, when I was younger I learned how to pitch and then I did that in rec ball also. So when they asked if anyone could pitch I said I could do it because then we would not be able to have a team if I didn’t do it. But for travel ball I play second base and right field.”

During this NCLA falcon season, Richie had a batting average of .850 and an on base average of .933. She batted 20 times and had 17 runs and 12 hits. She hit three doubles and had 7 RBI’s. During her phenomenal season, she threw 78 strike outs and walked 59. 

This season I was really surprised by it because we came out and won our first five games and we had very little experience. We had two girls including me who have ever played before. So I would say it was a good season overall, a lot of the girls were able to learn and did better throughout the season.”

One of the biggest struggles from this season was the lack of experience on the team and for Richie having to adjust to playing a new position every game. One sport Richie said she would play if not softball, would be Cross Country.

“I think I could be a double sport athlete in College. I really enjoy Cross Country and it helps keep me in shape for softball. But I would love to play softball in college. I have shown interest in Appalachian State and then playing at Indiana University at some point also,” Richie explained.  

Falcon Fun Run

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Sports Year in Review

Laura Richie

What a crazy year most people will say for our NCLA Sports world, but it is now complete with very few upsetting situations. Having to adjust to many changes throughout the year, it was hard as many students and coaches have said. 

The Pandemic really did put a change to all of the student-athletes, especially the seniors, having some seasons cancelled, senior nights cancelled, condensed seasons all because of COVID.

Athletic Director Coach Mac says, “There where probably two things that were truly just hard this year due to our pandemic, the first one being the rest of the High School Basketball season being canceled not being able to finish their season nor be able to have a senior night and then the second one being that because of COVID circumstances one of our Highschool girls seniors was not allowed to play nor attend her senior night. Yea we were still able to do a whole celebration for the basketball team to make up for their cancelled season, but for the one girl who missed her senior night we couldn’t do anything for her and it was one of the hardest things this year.”

But this year wasn’t all that bad, The HS Boys Soccer team had a really good season this year going 7-3 and tying once. The team ended up being number one in their independent Conference this year.  

Head Coach, Coach Shoemaker says, “There was not just a single person who helped the team, it’s tough because we were better as a group than individuals. But because our top 11 guys were really important and losing one of them changed how we play.”

David Truhe ended the season off being the leading scorer, William Lee being the best defender and Scott Stanley the goalkeeper.         

Also having a very impressive and great season was the HS girls Volleyball team  going 7-4,  finishing number one in their independent conference and fifth in the Central Carolina-West Conference.

Our Seniors go out with a bang

Christine Parker

Many 2021 graduates got the short of the stick this year with their sports seasons. Although they were cut our seniors made the most out of their last season playing.

Senior Jackson Shaw played basketball and soccer. He rated the basketball season a 5/10. “It was tough because we had to end early,” Shaw said. Jackson’s soccer season went better than his basketball season with a rating of 9/10. The only thing he would change is being able to participate in state playoffs.

“Masks on the field and court, and games getting canceled all the time got pretty old. But I still had a great time,” Shaw said.

Senior Athletes
Ally Mattingly playing golf.

Even though this year wasn’t ideal, the seniors still had good parts of their season. “My favorite thing this year was the same as my entire high school athletic career, which is eating and hanging out with the team at restaurants and on the bus,” Shaw said.

Senior Athletes
Soccer play Wen-Shin ready to break someone’s ankles

Ally Mattingly plays golf and she would rate her season a 9/10. “It was a lot shorter than I wanted but it was just amazing to be playing with everyone,” Mattingly said. 

Seniors also had to not only get adjusted to their season being shortened but as well as wearing masks while playing their sports.”The masks were definitely new and our season was squished into three weeks which is so much different,” Mattingly said.

Ally’s favorite thing about this season was meeting people from different schools and learning about what they’re doing after high school.

Upcoming Games:

HS Baseball:

5/17 @ Bethany

5/19 against Cornerstone

5/24 against Chatham

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