Covid Slams NCLA Sports

Nick Hurst

Roughly three weeks ago the North Carolina Leadership Academy Volleyball team took a devastating hit from Covid-19 sending home most of the Varsity players but luckily they were able to recuperate and pull up some of the JV players and build a new team with them.

“We went from having both a JV team and varsity team to only having one varsity team with eight players and only one substitute per game. If any of us got injured we had to teach someone a new position and play with no substitutes. Luckily the new team we had played together really well and we won all of the games we played,” Emma Ware said.

Eventually everyone who had to quarantine came back and the Varsity team is back together playing well. The Volleyball team has their Senior Night on Thursday, Sept. 30, with a student section theme of white out. 

Another team that was hit hard from Covid-19 was the NCLA fall baseball team who just started playing together two weeks ago. Since they had limited players due to other sports going on they had to pull up some middle schoolers to make up a team which was hard trying to build a team with players that haven’t played with one another at all. 

“I think it’s mainly hurting the development of the younger players since they are losing practice time and losing reps on the field. Also it’s hard to build team chemistry when you all have to quarantine so this was a major hit,” Jonathan Floyd said. But the team will be able to return after everyone tests negative and start playing again soon. 

A New Year for College Football

Scott Stanley

A hundred and seventy football games full of fans have been played thus far in college football. Last year many college teams had to play in empty stadiums with no atmosphere. The roaring of the crowds in the past two weeks has been not only a blessing to players and coaches but also to fans. Fans such as Cade Shoemaker and Jackson Faenza said this:

“I’m blessed that fans are back, it’s a new type of game,” Shoemaker said.

“Exciting to watch the games because there are actually fans now, it’s no longer quiet and boring,” Faenza said.

The first week of the season was very exciting and was considered the best week one in college football history. There were five ranked matches and one top ranked matchup between Clemson and Georgia. College Gameday was in Charlotte NC, to cover the exciting matchup. Georgia would eventually go on to beat Clemson in a tough defensive battle. Many fans were excited to finally go back to college gameday. I was one of those people.  

I went to college gameday and was able to feel the excitement of the new college football season. I had to get up early and wait in a long line just to get into the packed group of fans in Charlotte. I got a great view of not only the gameday set but also got to the famous Lee Corso headgear selection which was an amazing experience. It reminded me of what college football is all about.

There have been plenty of exciting storylines in the early weeks of this season. Already through two weeks 13 teams that were ranked in the preseason top 25 have losts, this is most in the history of college football. There has already been a coach fired; Clay Hilton got the boot at the University of Southern California. This was a shocking decision given the fact that the season is so young. Many upsets have occurred whether it was; Jacksonville State defeating Florida State, or Pennsylvania State defeating Wisconsin, college football fans love upsets. Whatever happens this season in college football it should be exciting, and with fans in the stands anything is possible. 

Predictions for college football season: 

Big five conference winners:

Big Ten Champion: Ohio State

SEC Champion: Alabama

Big 12 Champion: Oklahoma

Pac 12 Champion: Oregon

ACC Champion: Virginia Tech

Heisman Trophy winner: Matt Coral (Ole’ Miss Quarterback)

College Football Playoff Teams: 

  1. Alabama 
  2. Oregon
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Texas A&M

National Champion: Alabama

Powderpuff: A Battle of the Classes

Monica Truhe

Anticipation builds at the North Carolina Leadership Academy as students wait to hear about one of the biggest events of the school year, the powderpuff football game. This year the game is scheduled for Oct. 29.

At this spirited event, traditional “gender roles” that are commonplace in sports switch, the girls throw the football, and the boys wield the pompoms. Student body president Abby Brannan describes the game, “It is lower classmen versus upperclassmen, the boys will be the cheerleaders, girls will be playing on the team.”

Students of the NCLA at a past powderpuff game

Teams will have the opportunity to choose a mascot. Brannan explains that, “The upperclassmen were the bears, they’re always the bears. It’s safe to assume that there may be special appearances from four-legged visitors, as there’s typically animals involved,” Brannan said. 

According to Brannan, this flag-football competition requires judges; “They’re typically admin or teachers.” NCLA history says that juniors and seniors have the upper hand, according to senior Jaiden Truhe, “Upperclassmen always win.The last time the lowerclassmen won was the year of 2018, when the class of 2022 were freshmen.”

Instead of expecting tackles and injuries, this competition implements the rules of flag football in favor of the traditional game, “We don’t condone violence at the NCLA. It’s not in accordance with the Honor Code” Truhe says. 

Upcoming Home Games:

Varsity Soccer @ Cornerstone – 9/20 5:00pm

Varsity Volleyball vs. Cornerstone – 9/21 6:00pm

Varsity Volleyball @ Bethany – 9/23 6:00pm

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  1. James Wilson

    Emma Ware is the undisputed GOAT.


  2. James Wilson

    Great paper guys! Although I don’t think it is news that Tina Parker likes Starbucks. She could probably keep them afloat by herself.


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