Winter Sports Cancelled

Jackson Faenza

On Wednesday, two hours before tip-off of the boys and girls senior night game against Ragsdale High School, the game came to an abrupt stop. It had been announced that there had been exposure in the school, and the games would not take place.

“No players had Covid, but we could not let games go on until the February 22nd school quarantine was done,” said Athletic Director Coach Mac.

She went on to explain that this was one of the hardest decisions she has had to make here at the NCLA. The last game for basketball was going to be Feb. 19, which is a few days before the school returns from quarantine. This meant the cancellation of the rest of the basketball season for high school.

Playing multiple sports at the same time
Sophomore Cade Shoemaker

“Mrs. Faenza and I are in the process of trying to find a way to honor our senior players and congratulate them on everything they accomplished,” Coach Mac said.

Along with the cancellation of the rest of the basketball season, came the halt of the rest of the Falcon Sports currently going on. This affects Girls Soccer and Boys Soccer, where girls were supposed to start next week and the boys have already been playing games. 

“This will affect winter sports going on right now. This will not delay the sports starting in March such as golf, track and field, and softball.” said Coach Mac.

Coach Mac did stress the importance of our students coming out and trying out for spring sports coming up. She needs more interest in sports like wrestling, baseball, and boys track and field.

“I do realize there are going to be students who are going to have to choose between two sports or choose to double on sports, due to the new scheduling by the NCHSAA,” she said.

The basketball team was very close to being finished, they had just four more games left on the season.

“I am gonna miss my teammates mostly, aside from basketball, I have become great friends with my teammates. I’m gonna miss late night bus rides with loud music and wishing we could sing, just before stopping to have a team meal,” senior Noah Richardson said.

NCLA’s own DJ… Mr. Wood

Cade Shoemaker

For big events like weddings, basketball games, or birthday parties, a good DJ can set the tone for the rest of the evening. At the NCLA, this is “DJ Dav.i.d”.

David Wood has been the DJ for many NCLA dances, as well as being the control center for music at basketball games and other events. 

He has been in the partying business for quite some time, “I started doing events for church functions about six years ago,” he said. “They started off as small youth events that turned into bigger community events… eventually I started doing school staff parties, dances, and work parties.”

By using the money he got from doing early gigs, Wood has been able to buy all of his own equipment. This allows him to play around with his gear even at home.

“I definitely have fun with my DJ stuff at home. Practice makes a good performer,” Wood said. “Knowing what I am envisioning helps keep me organized and makes set up run smoothly.”

Wood’s passion for being a DJ feeds off the enjoyment of the crowd. He will often use popular songs to get people dancing and having a good time.

“I enjoy the energy of the people on the floor and making people move,” he said. “I am just trying to keep people dancing and having fun.”

After a while, there are DJ tips and tricks that most good performers pick up on. For Wood, he has learned the importance of playing the right song and reading the crowd. 

“Oftentimes, my favorite songs are not always what I can play because I have to make sure I am catering to the crowd. However, songs that everybody likes to hear are Taylor Swift songs, Baby by Justin Bieber, and definitely Bruno Mars.” Wood explains. “However, when people stop feeling the music, you have to play those popular songs that reel them back onto the floor.”

Because of Covid-19, the only school events Wood has been able to do this year have been home basketball games. 

He says his favorite part about these games are the player intros, “Cranking up the music helps feed the energy of the game and get the team pumped up before they play” He continued, “But If I can get the refs to dance, that’s a bonus.”  

To schedule David Wood, contact him by email or give him a call using the information below.


Phone: 336-287-8616

Girls Soccer Preview

Brooke Bandy

This year has been unpredictable for sports, but luckily, girls soccer is looking forward to their upcoming season. 

NCLA senior and one of the co-captains of last year’s team, Christine Parker, is excited to get back onto the pitch. 

“I’m looking forward to playing soccer with some of my closest friends,” Parker said. “This is my last season and I am definitely going to make the most of it! I can’t wait to get back on the field with my teammates and start scoring some goals!” 

Another NCLA senior, Emily Vroom, is excited to just be having a season. “Actually having it,” Vroom said. “I actually am really looking forward to getting to play and work as a team again.”  

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the season will look a little different than it has in the past. There must be limited equipment sharing and minimized physical contact and a 6 foot social distance is to be maintained. Players are not allowed to physically celebrate with their teammates after goals, as first bumps, hugs, handshakes, and gathering are not going to be permitted. 

Pregame and postgame handshakes with the opposing team are also not allowed and the NCHSAA is encouraging players to show sportsmanship in other creative ways like waving to the other team. There will also be official referee timeouts halfway through each half, essentially turning the halves into quarters. 

The first official day of tryouts is March 1 and the first game is just 15 days later. 

“Girls soccer tryouts start on March 1 and we have games starting the middle of March, the 16th I think is the first official game, through the end of April, April 30,” Coach Mac said. 

Right now, the Lady Falcons will play 2 games. The max amount of games a team can play this year is 14. “We tried to finalize it at 14, I think right now we’re at 12. It’s a reduced season but at least we get an opportunity to have a season,” Coach Mac said. 

The Lady Falcons team is going to have an interest meeting on Feb. 22 from 5-6:30 in the middle school gym to discuss the season, expectations and requirements for each player, as well as the tryout and training expectations and requirements. 

After the meeting, there will be a warmup and scrimmage at which players are expected to wear their masks at all times. To stay updated, join the Girls Soccer Remind group with the code @8k978b. 

Tryouts for the girls soccer team are on March 1-2.

Softball Eager to Play on New Fields

Skylar Maness

As winter sports come to an end, spring athletics will be beginning very soon. Many high school girls are hyped for the upcoming softball season that got cut short last year.

Softball tryouts begin March 1st but workouts are expected to be held before that date.Soft Ball Preview

If you are interested in trying out for softball, here are some things that must be completed before you can attend any king of softball workout or tryouts:

  • Athletic physical and concussion form
  • Softball permission slip 
  • Covid initial screening form

All of this can be found here:

It is also important to join the softball reminder if you are interested in playing softball this year.

The softball coach this year is Mrs. Fordham, who is very excited for this season to begin.

The Falcons have always struggled to have enough people for a softball team so it is encouraged that if someone is interested in playing a spring sport, that they show up to tryouts and see if they like it.

NCLA Softball Field
The brand new softball field at the NCLA.

Because of Covid, some things might be different this year, but the changes so far are very minimum.

“I expect that softball players will probably have to wear masks but athletic policies are changing very frequently” Mrs. McCormick the NCLA’s athletic director said.

This year, softball players have a brand new field that will be ready to play on by next week. 

“I’m so excited to have a softball field to play on at the NCLA this year. It makes everything much easier and we can now have home games and invite your friends to come out and watch” Emily viers, a sophomore at the NCLA said.

Unlike other sports like basketball, passes are not expected to be required for people who want to watch the games unless it gets too crowded.

“It is very exciting that softball has a new field. It took much hard work from Mrs. Faenza and staff members to get it done. I’m thrilled to see how this season goes for our girls.” Mrs. McCormick said.

Multi-Sport Athletes at NCLA

Laura Richie

The Year 2020 brought the unexpected, changing High School Sports in a significant way.

Due to the global pandemic, there have been so many changes in the sports world from the amounts of games that can be played, to the number of people being able to watch the games.

The NCHSAA came out with a Modified Sports Manuel with all protocols and guidelines that must be followed in order to keep sports going, due to the minimizing seasons and having later a start sports are starting overlap, causing student-athletes to be playing more than one sport at a time as this was not allowed before the global pandemic.

At NCLA there are many students that are playing two sports at the same time also having to juggle school, as the NCHSAA did not allow students to participate in two sports at the same time for this very reason, because it is just too much to handle.

“I would say that it definitely has been stressful whenever season for sports overlap for any year of high school, but the stress is even worse when you also have to juggle deadlines specifically for senior year”, says senior Emily Vroom playing participating at the beginning of the the year in cross-country and basketball with the two seasons overlapping, then going into basketball and soccer overlapping.

Playing multiple sports at the same time
Senior Emily Vroom 

The NCHSAA Sports Manuel states for Multi-Sport Athletes, that Athletes are subjected to all daily, weekly, and seasonal contest limitations per sport meaning that an athlete can participate in two volleyball games and two cross-country meets in the same week.

“Honestly it was harder balancing two practices a night and doing all my work, however I still got it all done, I just had little to no free time which I was fine with,” says Cade Shoemaker who is on the Boys Basketball team, having boys soccer overlap then will be starting Baseball.

Upcoming Games:

HS Boys Soccer:

Feb 22 @ Millenium

Feb 23 Home against South Stokes

Feb 24 @ Atkins High School

HS Boys and Girls Basketball:

Rest of season cancelled!


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