IMG_1376Track Season Review

By: Nick Williford

Track season is nearing its end. The last Track meet was Friday, March 29, and the Falcons finished in 5th place. They did their best and has some success. They are optimistic about the end of their season and hope to finish strong.

For the 100m dash and relays there is Kyle Bouton, a 10th grader, Timothy Woodlief, an 11th grader, Karston Keomalaythong, a 9th grader, and Nicholas Williford, a 10th grader as well.

For the 200m dash it’s the same lineup, but may change based on who can or cannot make the meet. For example, David Truhe, Daniel Ellis, and Wade, have been substituted for Nick, who wasn’t eligible to compete in that meet, but for the last meet he will be competing.

There is shot-put and discus where our throwers compete. The high school shot-putters are Jaden Dewald and Kirby Dunn. Our high school discus thrower is Daniel Ellis.

The long jumpers are Nicholas Williford, Timothy Woodlief, and Jackson Faenza. The high jumpers are Nicholas Williford and Abby Brannan.

“We are doing good for not having many Seniors and Juniors to rely on,” said Woodlief.  

The track team is filled with mostly freshmen and sophomores, and are going against teams that are mostly seniors and juniors. Therefore, as the team gets older, bigger, and stronger they will be unstoppable.

“We mainly have male runners, we don’t have many female runners, and we don’t have many field athletes or jumpers in high-school, and I hope we have more next year,” said Williford.

The track roster is mainly filled with male track runners, and not much else, but there are some females that step up to run and throw.

They have formed a close bond, and are practicing hard to do even better in the final meet.

Be on the lookout for the next meet, and watch our runners run, and throwers throw.


The Worst Uniforms of All Time

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By:James Wilson

In sports, one of the biggest things that defines a team is the mascot. Along with it, the teams represent themselves with colors and uniforms. Some sports have turned uniforms into a fashion trend as well.

Some uniforms are bad – thanks to hindsight or an outdated fashion trend. But some uniforms were terrible when they rolled out and did not incite disappointment on their replacement.

In selecting the worst uniforms, alternate or special event uniforms are allowed, but they are going to be limited because alternates are just too easy to pick apart.


The Philadelphia 76’ers jerseys from 1991 to 1994 were terrible. They looked like a poster in a elementary school library. The gradient was a fashion trend that was popular at the time and many have said it is very outdated, but it looks like the Sixers jerseys were cookie cutter and could have been used for any team.

Aside from the stars there are no design elements that relate to Philadelphia at all. The 76’ers obviously have their ties to America’s birth, but they usually do better by making use of the red, white and blue in a subtle way.

The Orlando Magic jerseys used to be cool, but now in 2019 they are boring and unoriginal. These jerseys, especially the road ones, look like bad rip offs of the 90’s jerseys. They are boring, and really need to come up with something brand new. The use of pinstriping just proves they would rather continue to make jerseys inspired by their original jerseys.


As for the NFL, there are countless ugly throwback NFL jerseys – every team has produced ugly alternates at least once. It might be uncommon to bad mouth the Buffalo Bills in the Piedmont Triad considering this is their biggest fan base outside of Buffalo, but the Bills Mafia will have to pardon me for my comments on their jerseys they wore starting in 2002. They wore black for some reason. (It is argued that this color is navy, but they always shined when under the stadium lights at night and looked black) Blue and Red accents along the jersey gave it some sort of shape. The helmets also had about a thousand stripes across the helmet. Their road jerseys were equally (if not more so) total flops. The siding across the pants look very much like basketball jerseys. The color choices along with unoriginal design all put together created some of the ugliest NFL jerseys we have ever seen.

When I was thinking about Color Rush jerseys in the NFL I knew I would have many options and I had to only pick a few. The first mistake was having the Bills play the Jets in color rush uniforms. The only thing people could think of when this game happened was Mario and Luigi.

Although some teams did color rush well, many failed to make anything exciting. All color rush jerseys really ever do is explain why football teams should never color match the Jersey itself with the pants. The Miami Dolphins color rush jersey was atrocious and proves that they should have not worn all orange. A fully teal uniform might have worked a lot better, I think after Tennessee and Carolina both got fully blue uniforms, Miami got screwed into wearing what they did.


As I transition to hockey jerseys I want to clear up a misnomer in the NHL jersey world. The Arizona Coyotes older jersey’s were awesome and one of the most original jerseys ever. They had relation to the teams home and made sense.

Another mention before we look at genuinely bad jerseys goes to the New York Islanders and the Buffalo Sabres. They both decided to rebrand, New York changed their look but kept their color scheme, the logo they used featured a fisherman who every one said looked like the “Gorton’s Fisherman” thus birthing the “Fish Stick” uniforms.

Buffalo decided to change everything, changing both their look and color scheme. Buffalo went from a classic Blue and Yellow look to a Red and Black uniform that screams early 2000’s modern uniform that aged terrible. They went back to blue and yellow, but not without the infamous “Slug Uniforms” first.

Lastly the Canucks wore jerseys commonly called “Flying V” which honestly don’t have any reason to ever exist. The colors were bad and the design was worse. They were original but originality does not always mean it was good.


The MLB has its fair share of uniforms considering how old baseball is. But thanks to its history, there are plenty of terrible uniforms, such as the 1983 Chicago White Sox uniform. It might sound crazy, but when I see this uniform I imagine it was inspired by AXE branding. It was probably space age at the time but it just falls flat on its face.

Formula 1

In Formula 1 Racing cars are always littered with advertising. So when two competing tobacco brands wanted to sponsor the same team it became a problem. BAR wanted to race one car with the “Luckies” advertising and another with the “555” advertising. The FIA quickly told them this was ludicrous and forced the team to run identical cars that had been split right down the middle each side advertising one brand or the other.


Soccer has never been as big in America as it is elsewhere, because of this teams can get away with ugly uniforms if they are American. Not anymore, the Colorado Caribous were a team that played in the North American Soccer League and worse tassels on the uniform. They played for a single season wearing white, black and limitless shades of brown. (Not bad in execution but the tassels negate that fact). These jerseys were one of the ugliest and have been voted as the ugliest soccer jersey of all time.

Uniforms are an important part of a teams identity. Although they are always slightly subjective, the can make or break the memories of that team. Sometimes it can look good on team but not on the other. One thing however is certain, not creativity, not doing the same thing again and again, and not even drawing uniforms up with your eyes closed can save your team from having the ugliest uniforms of all time. So for the next time you cry for a revision of your favorite teams uniforms or even paint scheme, just know that as much as you might not like it now, it can get way worse.


Basketball Jamboree

By: Andrew Christian

The  Men’s basketball sports team is coming back earlier than anyone expected. This summer from June 6th to June 29th the boys basketball team will be playing jamborees to raise money for next years team. On June 18-20th the boys basketball team will be playing at NCLA and will cost 5 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for students to come watch.

“The idea is to start getting teams that are similar to as far as competition wise to come to play,” said highschool boys basketball coach Coach Shoemaker.

This team is being used to raise money and practice for the up and coming year. Everyone will play who is on the summer team and touch the floor every game. They will be holding practices at the jamboree and use it as practice for next year’s competition.

“During the summer everyone who is dressed out will be playing, that is summer time as we rotate players through to get playing time, not just 8 or 9 guys,” said coach shoemaker

The summers team will be picked by the school and not hold tryouts. However this does not mean anyone who was not picked can’t make it next winter basketball season, or anyone who was picked has a guaranteed spot on the team.

“During the summer hand picked as far as people who can participate, it does not mean they can’t make the team if they’re not picked or make the team if they are picked. It is just looked at as people getting as much playing time to build for the future,” said Coach Shoemaker.


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