Girls Basketball PreviewIMG-4188

By: Jackson Faenza

The girls NCLA basketball team’s first game is quickly approaching. The first game will be against Clover Garden on November 6th.

“I am personally always excited for anything that is basketball related. I am excited to win with the team, to lose with the team, have bad days together, and have good days together” said Elissa Seagers, sophomore.

Last season they had a record of 12-11, which was much better than the boys record last season. They scored about 40 points a game, 28 rebounds a game, and about 9 steals in a game. The leading scores was Maura Perkins with 259 points the whole season. 

The team wants to get even better and improve, they have been practicing five days a week recently and putting in all the effort.

“The team needs to improve on being more encouraging to others and having fun with the game we play.” said Seagers.IMG-4187

Many of them even set their own goals for the season like improve shooting or other person skills.

The first game is against Clover Garden on November 6th and it is sure to be a great one!

“I think that every year holds something different and I always take away something new from each basketball season no matter who I am playing with. I am excited to see what this season holds for all of us.”

College basketball is coming in hot

By: Jackson Faenzadownload-3.jpeg

College Basketball is just around the corner and is coming in hot. With the Preseason top 25 teams just coming, it is really putting this season into perspective. 

The #1 team in the country is Michigan State, losing three starters from last year. They are coached by the great Tom Lizzo. Michigan State has won two national championships (1979 and 2000). Their first game of the season against number two ranked Kentucky, November 5. Many people are predicting them to win the third national championship this season!

The top team in North Carolina is the Duke Blue Devils. They are currently sitting at number four in the Preseason top 25. They are losing three players, with three of them being starters. They have won five national championships with their last one being in 2015. Let’s see if duke can make something out of this season. The first game of the season against number three ranked Kansas is on November 5.

Just a few places behind Duke are your North Carolina Tar Heels, coached by Hall of Fame coach Roy Williams at number eight in the country! They have won six national championships in total. The Heels are losing six players with four of them being starters. But do not underestimate Roy Williams recruiting, they were able to secure the spot of number four in the country prospect Cole Anthony. They also gained commitments of  another five star recruit and of two grad transfers. Their first game will be against Notre Dame November 6th.

The NC State Wolfpack are not ranked this season, like usual, but are hoping to get to the NCAA tournament this year. They have not been since 2015. 

The College Basketball is almost here which means there are 133 days until March Madness starts!


 High School Wrestling

By: Gideon Vandyke        

The NCLA High School wrestling program’s season is in full swing the team has already practicing and they also have their first match coming up in almost two weeks. 

The high school wrestling coach is a police officer who comes to the school  in his off time to coach the high school and middle school practices. During practice coach has been working on conditioning coach says “we are getting better but y’all are still soft”

The team is significantly bigger than it has been in recent years. They also have a few new guys on the team. Last year the high school team consisted of four wrestlers.

Freshman wrestler Isaac Woodleaf said “ I’m so hyped to win and make it regionals this year I think the team is going to be good this season if we keep doing like we’re doing.”

The wrestling team has their first match coming up soon on Tuesday November 19th.

PowderPuff Game

By: Nicholas WillifordIMG-5259

The annual high school powderpuff game lived up to the hype. There was a huge turnout with the bleachers being packed full of students and teachers. 

The players played a fair, fast-paced, and entertaining game. There were various girls on both sides that scored.

The cheerleaders had an awesome cheer routine with a beautiful halftime spectacle. All of the practicing before the game paid off.

The score ended up being 30-20. The upperclassmen won, but the underclassmen put up a good fight.

Overall it was a fun time for all who played and watched.IMG-4201

“It was funny watching all of the rivalry that was going on,” said Michael Cespedes.

“It was really fun to watch them go at it,” said Derek Shull.


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  1. James Wilson

    Emma Ware is the undisputed GOAT.


  2. James Wilson

    Great paper guys! Although I don’t think it is news that Tina Parker likes Starbucks. She could probably keep them afloat by herself.


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