Falcon Wrestling Takes on a Pair of 4A Schools

Gideon VanDyke

This past Friday night The NCLA Falcon’s High School wrestling team took on the Glenn and East Forsyth High School wrestling squads in a tri-match. 

Going into the match head coach Matt Muddle stated, “We have trained hard every day so that we will be the best versions of ourselves. Win or lose we will give 100 percent. Win or lose we will do it with class.”IMG-0341

The NCLA team only consists of seven wrestlers, which caused the team to have a lot of forfeits against Glenn, who has a wrestler for almost every weight class. A forfeit means that the other team automatically gets 6 points added to their team score.   

The team won their match against East. One highlight from that match was Jonathan Floyd got a pin in the first quarter. Another big match was Timothy Woodlief getting a great reversal to win his match. 

 The team’s matchup with Glenn was a completely different story – the match ended with only one win for the falcons becoming caused by a forfeit. 

UNC Basketball in Complete Turmoil

Jackson Faenza

The last time the UNC basketball team was unranked was in 2014. The Heels fell out of the Top 25 after their loss to Wofford in Chapel Hill. Which is crazy because in November, the Heels were ranked No. five in the nation.

UNC has lost eight of their last 11 games, there most recent loss being against Clemson in Chapel Hill. 

Roy Williams says that this is his least talented team he has ever coached. After the Clemson loss, he went onto say that his team needed this win and he let them down and that this loss is all on him.

The Tar Heels have suffered from a lot of injuries too. Eight out of the 18 players on the team have missed multiple games due to injuries. Roy Williams has had to go all the way to his walk- ons to play normal minutes throughout the games. The Heels have the 26th hardest schedule in the NCAA.

So what are the Tar Heels doing wrong?

Well first things first, they are missing their star freshman, Cole Anthony, who has been out with an injury since the end of November. They are also not getting enough out of there other 5-star freshman Armando Bacot.

Another reason their in the slumps is because the team’s only good 3-point shooter, Brandon Robinson, has shot from three- point line 29% this season. The stat leader of the team is Cole Anthony, who is out playing. One player that has been doing pretty good is Garrison Brooks, who averages about 34 minutes a game, has about 20 rebounds a game, and has a 60% field goal percentage.images

Garrison Brooks cannot be the only one carrying the team throughout ACC play. The Tar Heels noticed this in their last few games, when they had notable performances from Anthony Harris, Jeremiah Francis, Andrew Platek, and Brandon Robinson here and there.

If the Heels want to have a chance to get to the NCAA tournament, they need to step it up and play as a team. The last time the heels did not make it into the NCAA tournament was in 2010. After that, they have one National Championship and two final fours.

There goes Clemson’s 29-win winning streak…

Jackson Faenza

This past Monday, history was made with the LSU tigers beating the Clemson Tigers in the NCAA Football Championship. LSU came up, after being down 17- 7, to beat Clemson 42-25.

Joe Burrow, Heisman Trophy winner, threw 5 touchdowns to help LSU with the win. Joe Burrow also led the team with the most rushing yards, he had 58. Ja’Marr Chase led the team with the most receiving yards, 221.

At the half Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney said, “We had a pretty good position, but just dumb stuff, man.”download

Some of the biggest turning points was when a Clemson star linebacker got ejected from the game and got called for targeting. The very next play resulted in an LSU touchdown. Another reason why they pulled off the win was that LSU really contained Trevor Lawrence throughout the game.

Lawrence went just for 18-for-37 for 234 yards. He did not throw any passes for a touchdown. On the other side, Joe Burrow went 31-for-49 for 463 yards and 5 touchdowns. LSU’s defense just really closed the game for them!

Clemson has won it twice in the last decade, while LSU last won it in 2007. 

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron said, “He’s one of the greatest players in LSU history, He’s done so much for the state of Louisiana and LSU. We are so grateful to Joe Burrow.”


This Weeks Scores

NCLA Boys Varsity Basketball-26

Eno River Academy-64

                                               Q1          Q2          Q3              Q4

NCLA-                                     6              8             8                 4

Eno River-                            13             20          17               14

Top Scorers:

David Hronich (9th)- 6 points

Trint Saunders (9th)- 5 points

Joe Stoops (12th)- 5 points

Jackson Shaw (11th)- 3 points

NCLA Varsity Girls Basketball- 46

Triad Baptist Christian Academy- 36

                                             Q1           Q2              Q3              Q4

NCLA-                                  18              8               12               8

Triad-                                   10             7                8                3

Top Scorers:

Maura Perkins(11th)- 16 points

Elissa Seagers (10th)- 7 points

Emily Vroom (11th)- 6 points

Aubrey Harmon (12th)- 4 points

Courtney Floyd (12th)- 4 points


NCLA Boys Middle School Basketball-19

Clover Garden-27

                                               Q1             Q2             Q3              Q4

NCLA-                                     7                 1               3                  8

Clover Garden-                    11                5               3                  8

Top Scorers:

Will Martin (8th)- 7 points

Walt Martin (6th)- 2 points

Lukas Blakely (6th)- 2 points

NCLA Middle School Girls Basketball- 20

 Clover Garden- 42


Top Scorers:

Addy Guldberg (8th): 6 points

Brooke Taylor (8th): 2 points

Top Rebounder:

Irelynn Price- 14 rebounds

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  1. James Wilson

    Emma Ware is the undisputed GOAT.


  2. James Wilson

    Great paper guys! Although I don’t think it is news that Tina Parker likes Starbucks. She could probably keep them afloat by herself.


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