Seniors Sent Off

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Senior Night for the NCLA Boys and Girls basketball teams was on February 10th, 2020. It was the last game for Gio Torres, Joe Stoops, Richard Jenkins, Courtney Floyd, Aubrey Harmon, and Kyley Perkins.

The Anticipated Staff vs Student V-Ball Game

Gideon VanDyke

The throwdown between staff and students is happening on Friday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. 

This is a new idea from NCLA administration, changing one tradition into another.

“We had a parent versus student basketball game a few years ago and it got a little rough,” stated High School Vice Principal Amal Wood.   

A few of the teachers already on the roster are Pillen, Coakley, Lebrecht, and Guldberg. Another teacher that is possibly going to be on the roster is the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Walsh.

The signups have been emailed out to all high school students and the deadline was Thursday Feb. 13.

“If this goes well, this could possibly become an annual thing,” Wood said.

Many students are excited to see what happens during this big match up.

“This will mean big bragging rights for students and teachers. I feel that there will be a good turn out for people who like competition,” freshman Luke Gallimore stated.

Girls Soccer looking for a Great Season

Jackson Faenza

The Middle Girls Soccer team starts next week with tryouts. The tryouts will be hosted by Head Coach Gregg Weigel, who is a soccer player himself. This is not his first time Coaching the Middle School Soccer teams. He has coached the boys and girls teams the past few seasons and has loved it.

“My goal as the middle school coach is purley development,” says Coach Weigel.

The season will spin off in the beginning of March and the team hopes to win as many games as possible. “I’m looking to build the varsity HS program so we train not for wins and losses but more for individual growth to better the HS. I will also work on team bonding since we are only going to be as strong as our weakest player. I use the older, more experienced players to support the younger players in their development,” says Coach Weigel.

Even just a few years ago, the Middle School team won the Middle School State Championship in 2017. “I want the players to have confidence not just on the field but off and in the classroom. Also I want kids to feel a sense of pride for their school and to give their best at all times,” says Weigel.E8C0E6B7-9E6A-47C5-AA5F-01079D78F17C

The High School team starts this week with tryouts and just little scrimmages in the gym due to the nasty weather. The team will not be coached by Coach Manuel anymore, it will be led by Coach West who was Assistant Coach to Shoemaker for the boys soccer team this season.

“My goals for the team are to create a cohesive, creative, and competitive team; a team that works together to overcome adversity, thinks for themselves, and ultimately wins matches,” says Coach West. 

“I am excited about this season because we will have a lot more games,” said Brooke Bandy, Junior.

One big goal is to win more games this season. Last season the team went 4-4 with only a few games. One highlight of the season was taking down Glenn High Schools Varsity Team 5-2.

“That was very fun for the whole team,” said Jasmine Cook, Sophomore.

The team is scheduled to play 17 games this year, some of them including Southwest Guilford, Starmount, Cornerstone, Woods Charter, and South Stokes.

“I hope the team this season really bonds together quickly and personally I want to improve my footwork and work on being more aggressive,” said Bandy.

Coach West hopes to be able to be a leader to the girls, “I hope that the girls will learn to work together as a team, and build confidence, in themselves and one another, taking skills with them for life. I hope that this is the start of building a program that is successful and a source of pride for the entire school, and a foundation for the lifelong love of soccer.”

Falcon Baseball Hoping for a Winning Season

Gideon VanDyke

The NCLA High School and Middle School baseball seasons are about to kick back up for the spring season.

 “I have relatively high expectations for this season knowing that we will improve from last year this is our fourth year of the baseball program and every year we have gotten better,” stated High School Coach Philip Landphair. 

The team has seven players coming back from last year, a few of them being Jonathan Floyd, 10th grade, and  Nick Hurst, 10th grade.

The high school tryouts have been rescheduled from Wednesday and Thursday of this week to Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.IMG-2522

The team has its first scrimmage game in two weeks on Feb. 24. They have their first official game coming up on Mar. 3 against the Cornerstone Cardinals. 

 After finishing their season last year at 5-7, the team hopes to improve and win against one of their tough competitors, Walkertown 

On the Middle School side, there are a lot of new players looking to get some new experience  and draw crowds out to the games 

“I hope each player on the team improves their game, learns a little more about baseball strategy, and increases their baseball IQ and has fun.” Stated Middle School Coach Rick Parry. 

The Middle School team has their first game on Mar. 4th against Clover Garden. Their coach really wants people to come out to the games this season.

The Middle School team only has two players returning this year, their names are Colton and Eli Godwin. 

“I’m excited for my first year of highschool base baseball with my new school  and i am hyped to see what baseball is like is at this higher level.

The Heels Will be the Team to Beat in 2020

Jackson Faenza

UNC Football went from 2-9 record in 2018 to a winning 7-6 record in 2019. With wins including Miami, South Carolina, Duke, Temple, and most notably a 30-point victory of rivals NC State. The Heels did have a Head Coaching change, between the 2018 and 2019 season. They fired Coach Larry Fedora, who later took a job down in Texas, and brought back Hall of Fame Coach Mack Brown back to Chapel Hill. 

“Yes, I think the biggest thing is Sally and I came back because we want to mentor the young kids and young coaches and be around them and that’s really important. You can’t do that without winning,” said Coach Mack Brown.

This is not the first time the Heels were under Mack Brown’s control. From 1987 to 1998, the Tar Heels were led by Mack Brown to a 70-46 overall record in that span of time. Mack Brown is a great recruiter and this is partially why Carolina has the 16th best 2020 recruiting class in the nation. They are third in the ACC, just behind Clemson and (1)

“Let me tell you something, if Mack Brown was in that house before you, forget it, you lose,” says former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, who had the reputation of being a great recruiter for Florida State. 

In the Tar Heels Recruiting Class it has one five-star defensive end right out of North Carolina, Desmond Evans. They also have many four-star recruits including a wide receiver, defensive end from Greensboro, and a Quarterback from Arizona. This is the highest the Heels have been ranked, in the talks of recruiting, in a LONG time.

This season, the Heels go down to Orlando, Florida to take on UCF on Sept. 4. Sept. 12, UNC will pack their bags and head to Atlanta, Georgia to take on Auburn in the “Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game.” This should be a very exciting game because these teams are both predicted to be ranked in the first pre-season poll. The home schedule at Chapel-Hill will be very exciting this year. Some games including, James Madison, NC State, Virginia Tech, UCONN, Pitt, and lastly Georgia Tech.

Along with a top-25 recruiting class this year, the Heels will have third best returning Quarterback, Sam Howell, returning for his Sophomore season. He threw 38 touchdown passes which was third most in the ACC by a True Freshman. He was named ACC quarterback three different times. He also set the FBS True Freshman record and UNC school record with his 38 touchdown passes. By the end of the year, Howell threw 3,641 passing yards. Along with one of the best quarterbacks returning, the team’s top three receivers Dyami Brown, Dazz Newsome, and Beau Corrales are all returning. Along with the top three receivers, the top two running backs are returning for the 2020 season, Javonte Williams and Michael Carter. Michael Carter had over 1000 rushing yards as Javonte Williams had just a little above 800.

One honorable mention is that UNC was one out of eight schools in the nation and the only ACC school to sell out every single game. UNC will be at the top of the ACC coastal division next year and they will completely dominate. With great returning players, a great recruiting class, and even better coaching staff, the Heels might punch their ticket into the ACC Championship Game and maybe even a “New Year Six” bowl game this 2020 season.

This Weeks Scores

NCLA Boys Varsity Basketball-38

Bethany Community School-41

                                               Q1          Q2          Q3              Q4

NCLA-                                    15           5              5                  3

Bethany-                                    2            19            4                  16

Top Scorers:

Jackson Shaw (11th)- 9 points

David Hronich (9th)- 7 points

Trint Saunders (9th)- 6 points

Noah Richardson (9th)- 5 points

NCLA Varsity Girls Basketball- 36

Cornerstone Charter Academy- 22

                                             Q1           Q2              Q3              Q4

NCLA-                                   9               6               14                 7

Cornerstone-                       7              4                7                  4

Top Scorers:

Maura Perkins(11th)- 22 points

Elissa Seagers (10th)- 6 points

Courtney Floyd (12th)- 6 points

Emily Vroom )11th)- 2 points



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