AP/EOG Schedule

Lexi Antieau

As the school year comes to a close, testing schedules have been released. Take a look below and mark your calendars for the days that you have tested!

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Schedule:

Monday, May 2: AP Chemistry Exam at Noon

Tuesday, May 3: AP Environmental Science at 8:00 AM

Wednesday, May 4: AP English Literature and Composition at 8:00 AM

Thursday, May 5: AP Statistics at Noon

Friday, May 6: AP U.S. History Exam at 8:00 AM

Monday, May 9: AP Calculus Exam at 8:00 AM

Tuesday, May 10: AP Language Exam at 8:00 AM

Wednesday, May 11: AP Biology Exam at Noon

Thursday, May 12: AP World History Exam at 8:00 AM

EOC/EOG Testing Schedule: 

Monday, May 23: 2, 4, and 6 Period Exams

Tuesday, May 24: 1, 3, 5, and 7 Period Exams

Wednesday, May 25: English 10 Exam

Thursday, May 26: Math 1 and 3 Exams

Friday, May 27: Biology Exam

Tuesday, May 31: CTE Exams

Adopt A Senior

Nicholas Hurst

IMG-4310Every year at The North Carolina Leadership Academy our seniors are moving on from high school and starting new chapters in their lives. Here at the NCLA the faculty and staff try their best every year to recognize each student’s accomplishments at Graduation and at Senior Awards. One special program the NCLA does that the faculty created, is “Adopt A Senior.” This program allows families that have children in lower grades can adopt a senior and buy gifts for the student to congratulate them on their hard work for the past four years of high school. Seniors fill out a form asking them some basic questions like, “What is your favorite candy?” “What is your favorite sports team?” Then the parents who adopted a senior will be given these answers to these questions and they can create a little goody basket for their senior. 

A senior this year at the NCLA Scott Stanley said, ”I think that it is cool and a good way to connect families to seniors while allowing seniors to feel appreciated.”

This is a well put together program because it sends off the seniors with one last congratulations and thank you for all the dedication they put in for the last four years of their academic career.

New Supreme Court Justice Profile

London Carter

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has made history recently by becoming the first black woman to make it onto the Supreme Court. Additionally, this is the first time in American history that the Supreme Court does not have a male white majority. Judge Jackson’s nomination has forced our country to make great strides to having an inclusive and diverse group of decision makers.

“I think it’s really important that our Supreme Court is no longer exclusively one gender and one race,” senior Haley Frias said. “We need more diversity in the areas where decisions are being made.”

image (2)According to her Wikipedia page, Judge Jackson was born on September 14, 1970 in the Miami, Florida area. She grew up with a passion for law and was quoted in her high school yearbook as saying she “wanted to go into law and eventually have a judicial appointment.”

She went to study at Harvard University and eventually attended Harvard Law School where she learned the ins and outs of the judicial system. This allowed her to move up in the professional world and eventually land jobs as a law clerk to prolific judges across the country.

In 2009, Barack Obama nominated Jackson to become vice chair of the United States Sentencing Commission and she stayed in this position for five years. From there she moved on to become a judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, also on a nomination by President Obama. 

Most recently, Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden to have a seat on the Supreme Court. This nomination was confirmed on April 17, 2022 and she will likely be sworn in late June or early July.

Congratulations to Judge Jackson!