Big Body Benz: Troy Shoemaker

Scott Stanley

IMG-2206Troy Shoemaker is 17 years old and has been attending the NCLA since he was in sixth grade. He has been involved in sports since middle school and has played soccer, basketball, and track. He has always enjoyed being active and has continued to play soccer and basketball throughout high school. He is also a star center fielder for the NCLA baseball team. Shoemaker’s fellow teammates even believe he is one of the best. 

“He really filled the shoes of former NCLA greats,” NCLA athlete Nicholas Hurst said.  

Shoemaker not only dominates the sports realm of NCLA but he also challenges himself in the classroom. He has taken multiple AP classes while participating in other school activities. His favorite teacher at the NCLA is Mrs. Chelsie Orenstien.

“He is a hard worker and he laughs at my horrible jokes,” Orenstien said. 

Shoemaker has two brothers and a sister. Shoemaker’s younger twin brother, Cade Shoemaker, says he looks up to him. Troy Shoemaker has been not only an inspiration to his twin brother but also to many of his friends. 

“Troy is very outgoing and fun to be around,” NCLA senior Kartson Keomalaythong said. 

Troy Shoemaker’s favorite song is “Apparently” by Jermain Cole and his favorite album is “Astroworld” by Travis Scott. Troy Shoemaker enjoys listening to music with his twin brother, they are able to bond over their music tastes. He also enjoyed watching “The Office” with his brother on Netflix and his favorite movie is “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Troy Shoemaker hopes to continue his successful school career and go to North Carolina University to study business. His dream is to start his own shoe business and continue to help his friends and family. Shoemaker has a bright future ahead of him and the NCLA is happy to have him walking their halls. Shoemaker stays true to himself and believes that being yourself is one of the most important things in order to be successful. 

“Be yourself everyone else is taken.”

Let’s Keep NCLA Beautiful

Monica Truhe

In an effort to keep our campus clean and beautiful, monthly campus cleanups have been a priority since last year. Amanda Anderson, the planner of the cleanups and the mother of a third grader at the NCLA, says that these are scheduled so students can earn community service hours and serve their school.

“The goal of the cleanup is to continue to keep our campus looking beautiful and getting students involved in beautification!” Anderson said. 

Partnering with the Keep America Beautiful national campaign, the school has created the Keep NCLA Beautiful Initiative. 

These monthly gatherings are planned to be consistent until the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Anderson wants students to participate “So that they can earn volunteer hours as well as take pride in their school and keeping it clean. It helps give a sense of pride when the job is done!”

“We started off by walking around the baseball field and picking up trash, and then I transitioned into… the middle school gymnasium to help Ms. Richardson organize a storage closet,” NCLA sophomore Kimberly Mead, a student who attended the last cleanup, said.

Mead believes students should join in on the cleanups “Because service hours for school, but also because it’s helpful to keep our campus tidy.” Mead said she would definitely volunteer at a campus cleanup in the future.

The next cleanup is scheduled for October 23 from 9 a.m to noon. Come join your fellow students to help keep NCLA beautiful!

Bomb Threat Protocol

Rebecca Avila

Due to recent events, schools have been on high alert and parents want to be sure that their kids are safe and that there is a plan for dangerous situations. A bomb threat is far from common, but because people have access to the internet they can make anything homemade. It’s just a good idea to know what to do in the case of a bomb threat. 


Bomb attacks are not new to the school system. In January 1999, there was an explosion in a locker in a Kansas City school that resulted in 11 hospitalizations. In another instance, there were 10 bombs and fireworks connected to arsenal cans in an elementary school in California. Also eight boys confessed to making three homemade bombs in which they put two in an elementary school in Minnesota. 

But not to worry! Schools have plans when it comes to the safety of their students. According to federal law experts focused on explosives, schools should assess the situation before making the decision to evacuate and devise a plan to make it safe for everyone. 

At the NCLA, if a bomb threat were to occur, the situation would be assessed, evacuations may be put in place, and students and staff would either head to the closest fire department or towards Union Cross Elementary School. 

“Our plan mainly is to don’t touch it, contact law enforcement,” the NCLA’s SRO Officer Stacey stated. “First of all we would evacuate everybody to make sure everybody is safe. I would immediately start investigating it and I would notify my chain in command which is my sergeant. If we needed extra law enforcement, that extra law enforcement would come. If we don’t and my sargent feels like we can investigate it ourselves, and we do that, we wouldn’t evacuate. In a suspicious package situation, we would probably call in extra law enforcement to handle that package but we would get the students off campus, everyone would get evacuated.”