Finally, an Hour Lunch


By: Mason Harmon

As the NCLA officially opened its new Middle School building this semester, a new lunch schedule has been put in place for high school students. This schedule now allows students an hour for eating lunch, tutoring, and even participating in extracurriculars, and it’s getting some positive feedback. 

“I am really glad that it is an hour, because it gives you time to chill and most public schools and other schools around here don’t get that opportunity,” NCLA Senior Ellison Schuman said.

Even NCLA Assistant Principal Stephen Lebrecht is happy with the hour lunch.

“I think it benefits the high school students, especially with an hour. It gives them a chance to get some tutoring done, particularly for those students who can’t stay after school for whatever reason,” said Lebrecht. 

In addition to the already popular hour lunch, NCLA administration has plans in the works to soon implement its tutoring and extracurricular policies. Since the first day of school, high school students have simply been given an hour just for lunch, but now that the school year has begun, administration is ready to implement its originally advertised plans. 

“I would imagine that eventually we’ll start to see some clubs being offered, some tutoring sessions being offered and that way students have the option of first lunch or second lunch and going places for tutoring or to be apart of a club,” Lebrecht said.  

After the new lunch policies are implemented, administration hopes to keep them as HS students move into the new high school building.

“I think everything is going to be the same, it’s still going to be an hour lunch and we’ll still have our clubs, but there should be more room, hopefully, for everybody to enjoy their lunchtime,” Lebrecht said.

Unfortunately, even with all these positive benefits some students have been upset with the recent policy to not allow visitors for HS lunch. 

“I have a lot of friends who want to come see me and the only time they can come is during lunch because we have a whole hour, and they can’t now,” said Schuman.

Even with student unhappiness, administration has made the new policy in the best interest of the student body. 

“The biggest issue would be security, making sure we can monitor where everybody’s at. It was easier last year when everybody’s in the same building. Now that we’re going to be in three separate buildings, being able to monitor who’s coming in is going to be a little bit more difficult, and at least for right now, it’s probably a good idea to hold off on the visitors,” Lebrect said.


student council mason (1)

New School Year, New High School Student Council

By: Mason Harmon

This Friday, Sept. 1, high school student council elections will be held. With these elections taking place it will mark a new chapter in the history of NCLA’s HS Student Council.

As last year’s high school student council ended its term, elections were unable to be held. As a part of this year though, each high school student will be allowed to vote for new members of the council to represent them. This year, however, comes with a new rule on student council size.


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Instead of previous years when size was dependent on interest, this year’s HS Student Council will only allow one elected member per position. This decision was made to ensure efficiency and a streamlined design for council efforts. In addition to this new rule there are also some new teachers handling the council.

Mr. Walsh, HS History, and Mrs. Kerr, HS English, are now the staff sponsors for the Council and will oversee its operations throughout this year. Both of them have high hopes for this year and are ready to make this year’s council one of the school’s greatest. As a part of their aspirations for this year they have already been approved to start planning Spirit Weeks, the school’s annual Powder Puff game, and annual Homecoming dance.

Other events are in the works, but in the meantime a new high school student council must be elected. Campaigns have already been announced and it will be up to each high schooler to determine who will best represent their interests. Here is a comprehensive list of candidates:

  • Freshmen Representative: Etornam Agbemabiese.

  • Sophomore Representative: Jadyn DeWald, Abigail Brannan, Naudia McKoy, Hannah Small, and Elissa Segers.

  • Junior Representative: Cydney Leister

  • Senior Representative: Hannah Lee, Jodi Rickert, Chloe Glover, and Olivia Pulliam

  • Treasurer: Callie Frost and Selah Smith.

  • Secretary: Mason Harmon and Lindsey Mueller.

  • Vice President: Macey Green and Christine 

  • President: Kirby Dunn and Annie Ellis


New Teachers at The NCLA

By: Cydney Leister

One of the benefits of going to a smaller school is the sense of community, or even family between the students and staff. This new school year the NCLA has been bestowed the honor of welcoming new members into that family.

The high school got a handful of additions in the form of lovely new teachers. Bergsma, Landphair, Pillen, Hartzell, Roberts, and Birchenough cover a portion of the new members of the NCLA family.

Hartzell is a past science researcher who high schoolers now have the honor to have as a science teacher. She was introduced to teaching through her husband and has only worked in charter school, though has been impressed with the NCLA.Hartzell new teachers Cyd

Bergsma grew up Randolph County, NC and is the new teacher of exciting classes like Food and Nutrition. She believes that her coming to the NCLA is a great opportunity. 

Bergsma and Hartzell had only positive things to say about their new positions at the school

“It’s really awesome that I have administration that believes in me,” said Bergsma. “I hope that I am here a long time.”

“The school is beautiful and the equipment and the resources are really beneficial,” said Hartzell. 

Bergsma has big plans with her foods lab this year and has high ambition for her future here.

“I hope to get our program up and running and we add more teachers to it,” Bergsma stated.

Hartzell looks forward to get to know the student body and building upon the school itself in the coming year and beyond. The amount of trust that is placed in the high schoolers here and the integrity they show impresses her. Bergsma new teachers Cyd

“I look forward to getting to know my students,” said Hartzell. “I would like to grow the AP science program.”

Hartzell and Bergsma, as well as the other new high school teachers are signs of the NCLA’s growth as a school and a community. With the addition of these great minds only great things must be to come for the future of the school.


Over 250 New Students Enrolled

By: Ellison Schuman

The recent expansion of the NCLA has not only brought new buildings, but has also brought many new faces. In just this school year, over 250 new students have been enrolled in grades K-12.

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It is always difficult being the new kid, especially in a school where everything is in the process of changing. Freshman Celeste Paradis gave her view of her first impression and her feelings about what’s upcoming for the NCLA:

“Honestly I was scared to come to this school. I had never been to a charter school before, but everyone has been really nice.” Said Paradis. “I am really excited for the new high school, the school that I went to before was really old, so I think it’ll be a good experience.”

With an evolving school, there is always room for constructive criticism so the environment can be better for everyone. And although Senior Mackenzee Garwood had many positive things to say about the school, she did have some critiques. 

“I wish that there were more electives to choose from.” Said Garwood. “But overall everyone has been really nice and helpful. And I like how the class schedules are set up.

With the upcoming high school, the NCLA hopes to have an even greater percentage of new students in the following years.


No More Mountain Dew at the NCLA?

Ellison Schuman

Many changes have already taken place for the NCLA and it is only the 3rd week of school. From new buildings, new teachers, a new lunch schedule, to even a new drink provider. If you are someone who depends on a caffeinated drink like Mtn. Dew to get you through the day, then you might have noticed that you’ve been unplugged.

Recently, the Pepsi vending machines usually located in the multi-purpose room have been shut off. There have been new Coke machines placed in the “garage” as replacements. You may be wondering why the sudden change, but Mrs. Wood can assure you that it is for a good reason.

“We switched to using Coke because they use aluminum over plastic.” Said Wood. “Recently, we’ve decided to get rid of plastic bottles and even the plastic silverware. The school really wants to help with the conservation.”

Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Faenza were seen displaying their “Save the Turtle” T-shirts on Friday and those are a part of the new program “Leadership Friday’s.” Every Friday, the students that are currently taking Leadership and CAP learn about the different ways they can help protect the environment.

Please help the NCLA by using the new recycling and trash bins that have been placed in the classrooms. Save the turtles.


New High School Building Update

new high school building Gideon (1)

By: Gideon Vandyke  

The new high school project is almost finished and for most students and administration, they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The new building project has been going on for about a year now. It took a year and a half of planning by the administration. The project started in April and according to Mr. Lebrecht, “The building should be done no later than January.” 

The crews have been working all summer to get this major project done and ready for all the high schoolers to move in, and also let the middle schoolers have the new middle school building to themselves.

The new building will include a new gymnasium facility, and also some nice science classrooms. This also lets teachers get comfortable in their own rooms. For the moment, the teachers and the highschool students are borrowing the current rooms from the middle school. 

A lot of high school students are excited to move into the new building. Mr. Lebrecht stated, “I’m excited for the students to have their own building.” 

The students are ready to have their own building and can’t wait until next year, but hopefully sooner than later. Mr. Lebrecht stated, “It is awesome to see where the school started in 2013, to where it is today with all of the students and multiple buildings.”