Benefits of playing school sports

Ellison Schuman

If you have been looking to get involved in a school sport, now is the perfect time. With spring sports starting up, there is something out there for everyone to participate in. Even if you haven’t played a school sport before, you have to acknowledge all the benefits that come with it.

Not only will playing a sport help you stay in good shape, it can also help you with basic life skills such as maturity and communication. When you play sports, it helps you learn how to lose, which teaches you maturity. According to, learning how to communicate efficiently with your teammates boosts productivity and performance by 41%. Playing a sport has academic benefits as well.

Being involved in a school-based physical activity has been proven to increase concentration among students. According to a study at the American College of Sports Medicine, 30% of the well fit students performed better academically than the ones who aren’t as fit. Most schools have grade requirements, so if you make it on a school team, it pushes you to maintain good grades. With these good grades you are maintaining, you are more likely to get discovered by colleges both athletically and academically.

Most importantly, playing sports reduces stress and improves your mood. Exercise causes your brain to release “feel-good” endorphins throughout the body. This reduces anxiety and depression which ultimately enhances your self-esteem. Whether it’s playing a school sport or any other outside activity, just acknowledge all the benefits that it is doing for you mentally, socially, emotionally and physically.


NCLA Night at Dario’s

Andrew Christian

Monday night was a fun night for many NCLA students as Dario’s, a local restaurant, hosted NCLA night for students to come out and a portion of what they bought went to the school.

Good food was served to all the students who went out to support the school with friends and family.

“This is awesome because every loves Dario’s,” said Ms. Faenza.

Many came out, including members of the cross country team and NCLA principal, Ms. Fanza.

“This is really cool because I got to meet up with friends and hang out with them,” said Mary DeHart.

It was a fun time for many and amazing that the school got this opportunity, which was coordinated by parent Michelle Davis.

“I think it’s really important to have this, it’s not the end of the world but it’s important,” said Ms. Faenza.


Where is the Cheeto Chicken Sandwich KFC?

Nicholas Williford

I recently discovered a new KFC chicken sandwich that was introduced to designated KFCs. I was genuinely intrigued by the opportunity to taste this new food.

Instead, I was OUTRAGED when I pulled in the drive-thru and they said they didn’t have the mythical, monster Cheeto Sandwich. It apparently didn’t arrive yet according to an employee at said KFC.IMG_1058

Since I was starving, I angrily ordered another new entree recently added to the menu. It was called the Chicken Little.

The staff was very encouraging and had great personalities. They didn’t have an attitude and answered my questions.

My expectations were extremely low, and I was expecting another disappointment, but instead I was shocked with the delicious flavor and the sweet aroma of fresh cooked chicken. It was on sale for 2 for 3$.

Even though I didn’t get what I came for, I left satisfied.

Maybe next time, chicken cheeto sandwich!


The Purrfect Cafe

By : Savannah Welch

Ever wanted to sit around and drink coffee or tea next to a cat? Well now that is possible considering a new cat cafe will be opening this summer in Winston salem. The Crooked Tail has decided to open a new cafe location down in Winston Salem. They will be next door to Bright Leaf Books, and they will have pre- packaged cookies and a serve coffee and tea.

“Seems like a great way to relax and enjoy a weekend.” Said Jacob Thompson

With having a space to sit and play or relax with kittens and friendly cats that just want attention. The date that they will open isn’t set in stone so they are planned to open early summer. Having 12 cats at one time in the cafe to ensure that guest have a chance to spend time with a cat.