Dixie Classic Fair Returns

By: Mason Harmon

The Dixie Classic Fair will start on Friday, Oct. 4, and runs until Sunday, Oct. 13.This highly anticipated event is held annually on the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds 

Tickets for people between the ages 12-64 are $10, children from 6-11 are $5, and kids under 5 get in free. If you are looking forward to the rides, you can buy a $10 ride ticket that has 30 credits, or you can buy an unlimited ride voucher for $35.

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There are many rides, vendors and attractions at this family-fun event. Some of these famous rides include the Fireball 2000, the Giant Wheel, and the Sky Flyer. 

There are other forms of entertainment options such as the demolition derby, rodeo’s, figure 8 racing, and tons of live music performances.

Fall Trends

By: Rebecca Avila

Fall started on Sep. 23, 2019. Fashion, television, and music are hitting the market for fall. 

Flannel is back and being integrated into more styles than just jeans. 54020_CYSI

“…with Khakis, as a skirt, statement pants, knotted, girly kick, around the waist, western vibes, and as a blazer.” are the ways flannel has increased this year. 

The weather in the fall is a little chilly and staying indoors watching tv shows will keep you occupied.

The Morning Show is “Fall’s most anticipated series” according to Entertainment Weekly. See is a “epic apocalyptic saga” according to The Oprah Magazine. Batwoman “is the most anticipated October series” according to the Hidden Remote.see_s1_cover_artwork_horizontal_copy

While on some fall adventures, the music aspect will be covered. 

“Graveyard” by Halsey and “Glorious” by Ella Henderson are some songs to listen too. An anticipated album about to release is Kanye West’s new album, “Jesus is King”.

The Pizza Wars Have Ended

By Gideon Van Dyke

It’s no surprise that pizza is one of the favorite foods of modern high schoolers and college students. 

In celebration of National Pizza Month, Nick Williford and I went on a journey to find the best of the commonly ordered pizzas, and our selection included Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. 

We critiqued each pizza to find out our favorite. unnamed (7)

Pizza Hut, in our opinion, was the worst because it costs the most and because it was thin and felt cheap. This was very disappointing because it smelled so very good, yet tasted so very bad.

“This pizza is actually bad, bruh,” said Nick.

Next, we have Dominos. Dominos had a good crust and sour sauce with cheese that tasted fresh. This automatically and utterly decimated Pizza Hut.

Last but certainly not least, Papa Johns, this pizza was our personal favorite because it came with dipping sauce and a banana pepper. This gave it extra fancy suburban points. It also came the hottest, so when we got it the cheese was still stringy. 

Therefore, out of the three, Papa John reigns supreme!