Falcons Flying the Nest

Lindsey Allen

As the end of the year approaches, the NCLA class of 2022 are in their final days of highschool. As they are gearing up for graduation, many are reminiscing about their time at the school.

Senior, Mckenna Porto, has gone to the NCLA since fourth grade. “Its been good to grow up with the people, I feel like there has always been a good dynamic here,” Porto said.


“I have enjoyed my time at NCLA. I’ve been going since fifth grade, so I’ve been here for a long time. I think I’m just going to miss the family atmosphere. I feel like everyone gets along, at least in our class,” Jackson Faenza said. “Forever a Falcon, for L.”

As the students will go their separate ways, many will carry the memories of school festivities and moments with their teammates or classmates.

“I’m going to miss all of my fellow students, I’m going to miss all of the powder puff games, and I’m going to miss all of the basketball games, from when I was a student, and when I played my senior year,” Nick Hurst said.

“My favorite memory was winning the conference championship in soccer this year,” Scott Stanely said. 

Other students are mainly looking towards the future, and are excited for what is to come after graduation.

Senior Cameron Warren said, “I’m looking forward to going to UNC Charlotte.”

Coachella 2022!!!!

Rebecca Avila

One of the biggest spring festivals to attend every year. Influncers, celebrities and anyone willing to pay enjoy a desert festival with rides, food, and most importantly, the hottest and popular artists performing their biggest hits over the course of two weekends. Coachella is a festival that brings people together to vibe and enjoy a weekend of partying. 


The main attraction of Coachella is the outfits that everyone wears as well as the music headliners that many festival goers want to see. This year, Harry Styles, Billie Elish and The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia were the main headliners with many artists having their moment at the spotlight as well like Lizzo and Doja Cat.

“I thought it was interesting to watch everything kinda go back to normal this Coachella because the past few coachella have all been misses,” junior Jenna Clayton said. “Harry Styles and Doja Cat carried Coachella on their backs as well as Lizzo.” 


Kanye West as well as Travis Scott were due to headline but with their own separate controversies brewing, Scott was removed and West pulled out allowing for Styles and The Weeknd to make their mega appearances. 

The outfits over the weekends tend to center around cowgirl/cowboy outfits, rager outfits as well as just plain and simple. A lot of the time, influencers/ celebrities hit the mark or completely miss the mark. This year’s trend, plain and simple, took the cake as the best outfit. 

Summer Jobs of NCLA Students

Monica Truhe

Many highschool students are looking to bring in some extra cash. Oftentimes, the responsibility to pay for things like gas, going out to eat, or clothes is placed on teenagers. This means that, for many highschoolers, they have to find a job. Summer jobs are a great option for teenagers who are too busy during the school year to pick up shifts. The NCLA has a few students looking to be hired this summer.

Carsyn Queen, a student at the NCLA, says, “I need money to go out and do stuff with my friends…I think it’d be funny to work at a country club.” She also likes the idea of Target’s high starting rate, “But I like the target wage…15 dollars an hour so, pay.”


Savannah Carter has been working at Andy’s Frozen Custard this year. She plans on continuing there throughout the summer. When asked if she was glad to be working, she said, “Actually, I am. I kinda like working.” 

One NCLA junior, Lyndsey Allen, says, “I love working at Cracker Barrel because my coworkers are amazing and I make absolute bank.” 

Nick Swisher says, “I work at Bowman Gray Racing Stadium…I sell programs…I’ve done this for many years.” 

Students at the NCLA have a full summer filled with fun and thinking about their future ahead of them!

Easter at the White House

Jayden Richardson

This past Easter the Annual Easter Egg Roll took place on the South Lawn at the White House. This year though we had our very own Chef Don involved in the producing eggs for the huge event. Chef Don and a team of sous chefs took a total of seven days boiling 18,000 eggs and dying 14,000 of them. All these eggs were produced by one of North Carolina’s main egg producers, Braswell Family Farms.

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 05: U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden appear with the Easter Bunny at the White House on April 05, 2021 in Washington, DC. The year’s traditional Easter Egg Roll was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Chef Don’s son, Andrew C. McMillan, owns a company called The Stocked Pot Fun Culinary Events, which was reached out to achieve this great feat. The chefs only cooked 18,000 eggs in all to send to the White House but in all, there were about 96,000 eggs for the occasion. The eggs made were not to be consumed but most of them if not all were donated to charity organizations.

This year’s Easter Roll seemed to be a huge success where everyone had fun and a good time. Happy Easter!