Eating out for Education

Lindsey Allen 

Eating out for Education is a fundraiser hosted by restaurants in Kernersville who give a percentage of their proceeds from a night to local schools. 

“The restaurant will donate to the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber gives donations, through grants, to schools,” NCLA teacher, Chelsie Orenstein said.

Teachers can apply for these grants and ask for equipment, field trips, classroom supplies, or even direct money.

Kernersville Eating for Education“Since the program was established in 2004, more than $236,056 has been awarded through 552 grants to teachers at schools in the Kernersville area,” a WSFCS article stated. 

“I think it’s a really important program. I am really glad it’s one of the things our county does. Because for a teacher, a lot of times, you spend your own money trying to get things for your students, and it’s nice that people are willing to donate money to the Chamber and support teachers,” Orenstein said.

This past year, neither the Town of Kernersville, nor The NCLA has promoted the latest event, held on September 8, and it seemed to have an effect on the turnout. 

After being a host for Eating for Education at Giadas Trattoria, Orenstein said, “It was good, a little slow. I think I greeted for two hours, and maybe greeted a total of seven people. It was a Wednesday night, so it was a little slower than usual.”

New Fire Apple Products

Mckenna Porto

Apple is a popular technology brand that is favored among teens and young adults. Apple uses their business to cater to this large age demographic which has allowed them to be objectively one of the most favored cell phone and personal device brands. 

Many people around the school use Apple products for many different reasons including quality, fame, and its user friendly features. 

Nora Wood, a senior, said “For the most part I’ve been pretty happy with the Apple products. I have an iPhone XR right now and I really like how much faster it runs than my old iPhone 6s.”

Throughout the rest of this year Apple will be releasing a total of seven new products. Apple expects to drop the iPhone Thirteen, the Apple Watch Series Seven and Airpods Three throughout the rest of this month. 

Sophomore Nick Swisher said “I’ve heard about the new releases that apple is launching this month. I am fairly excited about them, I like to see what new features they put in their products.”

Apple is also releasing new products into October and November as well. These drops include the Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad Mini Six, and the Low-Cost iPad. Apple is a very popular company and many people are anticipating these products.

“I am really looking forward to the new Macbook. I recently got a Macbook so I am interested in seeing what features are different and how they are similar. I also am really looking forward to the new make of the Airpod Three’s because the Airpod Two’s were so different as well,” said senior Jackson Faenza, when questioned on his interest in the new products. 

Apple is constantly dropping new products big or small. They always have many different features and qualities added to their products from the previous model. 

The iPhone Thirteen is causing a stir for its new unique features. Most importantly the model is changing. Although it will mimic the iPhone Twelve in shape and size, it will come in different colors. Apple is bringing back pink which they have not had on an iPhone since the rose gold iPhone Seven. Apple is also updating the battery life and adding significantly more storage. 

There is a lot of hope for this phone in the student body.

“The iPhone Thirteen does speak to my interest. I think with the new technology included in this phone is something very interesting. The iPhone is the one I see myself getting out of all the products. The phone is something that always makes me excited and I think this one will be even better,” said Swisher.

2021 or 2022: According to Students

Jackson Faenza

The 2021-2022 school year is very different from every other school year in history. 

Last school year was anything but normal. Half the school year, students would go to school two days a week and even go remote for a long period of time due to Covid-19 exposures.

hallway (1)

“Last year was very strange, and it was weird not going to school for long periods of time,” senior Tyler Hanes said.

This school year, we are back to five days a week. The North Carolina Leadership Academy has not been back to five days a week since March 2020. 

“Kids have been doing pretty well with masks so far. The only big problem we have come across this school year is tracking the kids with Covid and making sure they are not coming to school and staying home if they are showing symptoms or have come into contact with Covid,” Principal Renee Faenza said. 

Students are required to wear masks at all times during the school day, besides eating lunch in the cafeteria. When students are not eating or drinking, their mask should be above their mouth and nose.

Another difference from the previous school year is that there is no social distancing between students in the classroom. The school hallway is also not one-way like before, so it can cause some unlikeable traffic jams. 

Some students think this new change of coming back to school five days a week has come to be really sudden.

 “The first week was stressful because it was a lot at once. After adjusting, it’s been good,” senior Nora Wood said. 

With all this change comes some really great things. Students will get to see their teachers and friends every day this school year. Students may also get back on track with their work while being face-to-face with their teachers.

“I think going to school full of people has helped me become more motivated and seeing my teachers everyday has also helped me get back on track with my school work,” senior Lauren Maness said.