Fall Decorations in Local Stores

London Carter

October 1- Fall is finally among us, which means that Halloween and general fall decorations are beginning to pop up in every store in the area.

IMG-7799Some stores go above and beyond to stir up the holiday spirit, while others fall short. I went to a couple of local stores to look at their fall designs and here were my thoughts.

The first store I went to was the Target on Main Street. They did not have their Halloween costumes out on display yet, and the only real decorations they had up were located in the dollar section. They had the Target mascot posed three different ways inside of a Halloween box on display. On top of this, they also had seasonal greeting cards that were fall/Halloween themed located in the card section. Overall I thought that their decorations were a little underwhelming, considering how on top of it they usually are.

The next store I went to was Reconsidered Goods on Spring Garden Street. This is aIMG-7828 thrift store full of knick knacks, art work, records and more. They had a very strong Halloween theme that they achieved by setting up decorations throughout the store. The entrance had the best set up in my opinion, and that area of the store is what’s pictured in the photograph.

The final place I went to look at decorations was the farmers market. Different vendors have already started selling pumpkins and other fall treats which sets the stage for the feeling of fall. I highly recommend checking out stores and locations near you and taking in all the fall decor!

NCLA, Inked!

Lindsey Allen

Senior Elissa Segers has lovely butterflies.

October 1- The 2021-2022 school year brought many new rules in the student handbook, but there is one that is causing slight controversy.

This year, NCLA students that are 18 years old or older, can now have visible tattoos.

Before the 2021-2022 school year, the Student Handbook stated that for male students, “earrings, visible body piercings and tattoos are not permitted.” For female students the rule was, “earrings are permitted. Visible body piercing and tattoos are not permitted.”

Many students such as Jacob Allen, a NCLA senior, have taken advantage of this rule change.

“I probably still would have gotten a tattoo if the rule hadn’t changed,” Allen said.IMG-1100

When asked why administration chose to make this change, Principal Renee Faenza said “Because it’s legal at age 18.”

“I think it’s cool, because it allows students to express themselves and have cool art on their bodies,” junior Camryn Earnhardt said.

Along with students, teachers such as Megan Weikert were also happy with this rule change. Megan Weikert, NCLA Art teacher, has an Iron Man tattoo on her arm that she is now allowed to show off.

Keeping Up With Senior Projects

Nicholas Hurst

October 1- nick articleEvery year, the senior class at the NCLA is assigned a project called the Senior Project.

The purpose of this project is to bring together all the academic and personal skills the students have learned throughout their education.

Also, the project offers the students an opportunity to expand their learning through creativity, confronting problems that impact their communities, and sharing their practical solutions.

The project includes writing a paper about an issue the students are passionate about, and it can be tied to the school community, the student’s community, or the greater world community.

Dylan Coltrane, one of the students at the NCLA, is writing about the effects of social media on young adult brains and why it’s so addicting.

“I’m passionate about this subject because the effects are prevalent in everything and everyone around us and I want to gain a better understanding of this topic,” Coltrane said.

Another student at the NCLA, Jonathan Floyd, has chosen to write about the energy efficiency of electric cars and if electric cars are better for the environment than gas cars.

“I am looking into many of the different energy resources right here in the community. Also looking into another scenario. If everyone owns an electric car, would we be able to put out the amount of energy to support it,” Floyd says.

These students will research their selected issue throughout the year and talk with their mentors every month to help guide them through the process of writing the paper.

Lastly, the students will create a multimedia presentation that highlights and reflects their research and proposed solutions for creating a better world.