Skylar Maness

May 14- I found out I was hacked when a friend of mine informed me that I was cussing them out on Facebook Messenger.

“I just had a conversation with the person pretending to be you. The person ended up cursing me out, and that was the end of it,” junior Giana Garzon said.

I got hacked
Messages after Skylar reported the hacker

Other people like my aunt, cousin, and distant friends started texting me. They were asking if I was speaking to them on Facebook. It wasn’t me, so who was it?

The person pretending to be me was sending really weird messages to my friends on Facebook.

After finding out about the situation, I looked up my name on Facebook and found the account that people were telling me about.

The account looked just like mine. It had the same name, and profile picture. They were also already friends with 20 people that I knew.

I reported the account and afterwards, people could no longer see messages that the scammer had sent.

This experience brought back old memories when I fell for a scammer claiming to be the famous country singer Kenny Chesney.

I was 13 and had just gotten Instagram the day prior to the “Kenny” incident.

Here is how the conversation went:

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I was very oblivious, and could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble if I had kept the conversation going any longer with “Kenny Chesney”.

I think that It’s important for kids to learn about the schemes of hackers before getting involved in social media. Infact, surveys reveal that forty percent of children talk to online strangers every day.

I informed Mr. Gonzalez about my situation, and he taught me a lot about hackers and the different tactics that they tend to use.

Mr. Gonzalez told me that my account got cloned and that the same thing actually happened to him a little while back.

He also informed me that the person who was catfishing me years ago was a clone of Kenny Chesney.

“When an account is cloned, hackers download all of your pictures, recreate your feed and make a username close to yours, then they follow all of your friends. Next, they will usually message your friends and fish around for information. This is called scraping,” Gonzalez said.

After talking with Mr. Gonzalez, I also learned about the different forms of hacking.

The most common form of hacking is a technique called phishing. Most people can agree that they have experienced this type of fraud.

“Phishing is a scam where hackers will log into accounts, usually on facebook or instagram. After this they tend to private message different people a link. Sometimes the link claims that they will get free coupons if they click on it,” Gonzalez said.

Many times, people will tap on this link. Afterwards, they will be taken to a website that will ask for their username and password.

If the person inserts this information, the hackers will then have access to their account and the process will continue on.

Mr. Gonzalez also explained that there is a new phishing scam that has recently tricked many people.

“When the stimulus check came out, people started receiving emails from what claimed to be the IRS. The email said that it would show people when they were going to receive their stimulus check if they entered information like their social security number. After individuals entered these things, scammers had access to a lot of personal information,” Gonzalez said.

Unfortunately, I learned that the people who tend to fall for the lies of hackers are the elderly.

“Many times, older people can become lonely, and long for any kind of social interaction. Scammers know this, so they will leave voicemails because they know that elderly people love to have anyone to talk to,” Gonzalez said.

I was surprised to hear that not all Hackers were bad, but Mr. Gonzalez taught me about a group called the White Hat Hackers.

“The White Hat Hackers make programs safer by attempting to hack new products. For example, chrome might put an update out, the White Hat Hackers would try to break the new system. If they are successful, they will inform chrome of their mistakes so that Chrome can make a hacker resistant device.”

All of this information makes me wonder… What apps are the worst?

Mr Gonzalez said “People argue that TikTok is the worst because once you download it, it has access to pretty much everything on your phone.”

Some advice to people who don’t want to fall for hackers and scams is to ”never click on links that you are not expecting from your friends. Double check with the person who sent you a link before opening. It is also important to understand that the federal government will never email you,” Gonzalez said.


The Literates

Cameron Warren

May 14- NCLA students have their own Creative Writing website that goes under the name The Literates. On this website, students in the Creative Writing class can publish some of their journals and stories on the website.

“All of the students enrolled in the Creative Writing elective participated in uploading and editing their own work on the site. I put together the overall layout and aesthetic design, but they are fully responsible for deciding what content they would like to feature on the site from work they’ve produced in the class over the course of the year. ” said Mr. Hartzell, the Creative Writing teacher at NCLA.

With the students in Creative Writing having nearly complete control over their stories, it really makes the site unique. It allows the students to write freely and really let their imagination go to work.

“The ultimate goal of those who are passionate about writing is typically to publish. I wanted the class to think about this process from behind the scenes by self-publishing, self-editing, and managing their own digital literary journal. It’s a way to see their own work find a home of its own without having to wait weeks to get either a rejection or an acceptance by means of some anonymous, robotic form letter lacking substantive feedback.” Mr. Hartzell said.

Mr. Hartzell’s goal is to give the students the opportunity to completely work through their own stories and learn the behind the scenes processes that go along with publishing a story. The students are learning how to finalize their ideas on their own.

According to Mr. Hartzell, the students in the course are Etornam Agbemabiese, Andy Alvarado-Escobar, Nicholas Hurst, Keegan Daurity, Matthew Hronich, Elaina Pascavage, and Sylvia Sellmer.

“It’s a great outlet for students to get their writings out there and share it with people.” Nicholas Hurst said. 

With a small group of students in the class it makes it easier to communicate with the rest of your classmates. As a result of giving the students nearly complete creative control, it allows students to share their work and make it fun.


NCLA Summer Camps

Lindsey Allen

May 14- Every summer, the NCLA hosts summer camps for different grade levels. Some are more academically focused, and some are focused on fun.

“We are trying to have a lot of academic opportunities because we know some kids have gotten behind this year,” said Mrs. Guldberg, elementary Vice Principal.

The camps offered to elementary school students include a math camp and

NCLA Summer Camp
Elementary summer camps

reading camp for every grade level, along with kindergarten camps.

Kindergarten boot camp is where incoming NCLA kindergarteners come to school to get a feel for what real school will be like. They will learn the layout of the kindergarten hall, and will work on introducing more letters, numbers, and other basic skills.

They will do lots of arts and crafts that go along with the theme, which is Hawiian this year.

Middle school students are offered a math and reading summer camp for each grade level, Spanish Refresher, Art Camp, Study and Organization, and a Welcome to Middle School camp.

High school students are offered a math camp for every level, Art, and Spanish Refresher camps.

All camps are four days long and are four to five hours long.


Yasuke; The First Black Samurai

Olivia Brown

Recently the anime “Yasuke” was released. The show has six episodes, each ranging from 20-26 minutes.

Yasuke_posterThe show is about Yasuke, who went from being a servant to the first black samurai who worked under Oda Nobonaga and raised through the ranks and getting the title.

He is the first black man in Japan and World History to ever become a samurai. The show has a 91 percent in Rotten Tomatoes.

The show wasn’t very appealing to some audiences, due to the fact that the trailer made them think that the anime was going to be a historical show about his life and what he did, which is what happened for some of the show, but then towards the end of the first episode there was a robot and people doing magic out of nowhere. This takes place in the 1500s and I highly doubt that there were magic and robots during that time period. This isn’t to say that there were not good parts in the show as well.

Yasuke depicts the time period very well, from the clothing, wearing traditional Japanese attire to the swordsmanship.

Since there isn’t much information about the real-world Yasuke, there have been pieces of information left behind about what his life was like when he was alive, which is shown in flashbacks during the first three to four episodes, which is important to the plot.

I really liked the animation style and most of the fight scenes, but I think this anime could’ve been better in terms of storyline and his own development. It seemed like he was more the side character than the main character.

Overall, there were a total of six episodes but it seems almost rushed towards the end. I would give this show a 7/10 and I debate on recommending it to others.


Upcoming Local Arts Festivals

Alyssa Pickle

The town of Kernersville is holding a vintage market May 1st at Körner’s Folly and an Arts and Crafts Guild show on May 7 and May 8. 

The Vintage Market is being held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 1 at the historic Körner’s Folly which is located on 413 South Main Street in Kernersville. There is a $2 admission fee for adults 18 and over with no fee for children.

It will feature local, handmade, and vintage items for sale from a variety of 30 vendors. It will be held outdoors and social distancing will be in place. 

“I think the event is great because it allows you to mingle with the community and brings an awareness to small businesses that you can support instead of larger businesses,” art teacher Mrs.Weikert said.

Tickets are also available for self-guided tours of the 22 room historic Körner home on the same day for $10 per adult and kids (6-18) $6 with 5 and under free. 

On May 7 and 8, the Art & Crafts Guild Spring Folly Show will be held on North Main Street in Kernersville. It begins on Friday lasting from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is no admission fee and you can expect plenty of vendors offering a variety of goods with entertainment & food provided by the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce. 

Sadly the usual Spring Folly with rides and vendors that takes place the first weekend in May has been postponed this year to September 24-26 due to Covid safety precautions. 

More information can be found on

Best of TV and Movies in 2020-2021

Rebecca Avila

The 2020-2021 school year has been a world wind of a ride. Whether people were quarenting, doing online school and spending countless hours at home, the TV was there to provide entertainment. Here are some of the best shows and movies of 2020 and 2021. 


Best 2020 TV Shows:



Selena: The Series

Selena: The Series is a more in depth version of the life of Selena Quintallea, Mexican-American popstar who met a tragic end at the age of 23 but has still left her mark in the music industry. 





Set in England, the eight siblings of the Brigderton family search for love in England’s upper class society where image is everything. 




The Mandalorian

A previous bounty hunter, The Mandolarian used to be a self centered man until he saved an unknown creature and together, they traveled the galaxy in search of the creature’s home. 


Best 2020 Movies:



A middle school teacher who hasn’t found his true passion ends up in another realm helping another person find their passion, and with that, he begins to learn what it is to have a soul. 




To prevent WW3, a secret agent is sent to save the world, all with one word and go back in time to save the future.





In a twist of events, Veronica’s existence is taken into others hands and she is forced to see her past, present and future before it becomes too late. 


Best 2021 TV Shows:



The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The miniseries of Sam Wilson and Bukey Barnes who team up following Avengers: Endgame to test their ability and go on global adventures. 




Young Rock

Dwayne Johnson runs for 2032 president of the United States, he takes a funny look at his upbringing and how he can relate to the American people with his larger than life experiences and his down to Earth character. 




Wanda Vision

Living suburban lives, Wanda and Vision being to suspect that everything is not what it could seem.


Best 2021 Movies:




Cherry turns from a college dropout to an Army medic in Iraq only to return home with PTSD and his life begins to take a turn for the worst. 



Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry

The documentary of Billie Eilish takes a deep dive into her journey in creating her album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and the twists and turns of her struggles behind closed doors. 



To All The Boys: Always and Forever

The third movie in the series, Lara Jean begins to consider her life and how she could fit Peter into her life or let him go.