Captain Marvel soars into theaters

By : Brooke Bandy

March 29, 2018

Captain Marvel is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first female-led movie Marvel has released. It made over $153 million on opening weekend, more than the first Iron Man and Captain America movies in their opening weekends.

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has recurring memories of some type of past life while fighting in an alien war between the Kree and the Skrulls. As she is in combat fighting for the Kree, she gets taken prisoner on a Skrull headquarters ship type thing and her mission is compromised.

After an awesome fight sequence, she breaks out of the hub on a smaller spaceship and ends up on Earth. A group of Skrulls follow her and continue to attack her throughout the movie. Nick Fury shows up with Agent Coulson, who is just an intern at this point. After another wild action sequence, Fury realizes this is more than a police matter, it’s SHIELD’s turn to take over.

There are so many familiar faces in this movie. A young Nick Fury makes quite the Captain_Marvel_posterentrance after Carol lands on Earth. With him, is fan favorite Agent Phil Coulson. We also got another cameo from Stan Lee, but this time as himself. He was holding a script to Mallrats, which is a 1995 movie he starred in, which is funny because Captain Marvel takes place in 1995.

Being a fan of Marvel movies, I found it really interesting to see the backstory to the Avengers and especially how Nick Fury lost his eye, as well as the origin of the name Marvel.

I was shocked when it was revealed that the people she had been fighting with were actually the bad guys. I had no idea that was coming and I literally gasped. I loved how they went back to the memory of when her plane was shot down to show how the Kree had altered her memory to show the Skrulls as the bad guys. We also learned that the memories Carol had been seeing were real and ones the Kree had taken or pushed away from her immediate memory and made it something she saw in dreams or flashes.

The visual effects in this film were stunning. They managed to keep a color scheme of yellows, blues, and reds, but still made every explosion and splash of color feel new and so much more exciting than the last.

The soundtrack was probably the best thing about the movie. I loved how they used mid-90s anthems, like “Just a Girl” by No Doubt and “Waterfalls” by TLC, to amplify the vibe of the decade in the film.

Overall, the movie was fantastically made and gave a great backstory to Captain Marvel, who will most likely be used in the upcoming Avengers movie. The second post credits scene leads us to the newest Avengers movie, with Carol showing up at the Avengers headquarters as they’re trying to figure out what to do about Thanos.


Tim Burton’s twist on Dumbo

By : Kelsey Wiley

The live action remake of “Dumbo” was released on March 29, 2019 across the nation. The original Dumbo movie was released in 1941 and was a huge success so it was expected that the new release would meet the standards. The movie is rated PG but has a darker aspect to it and is owned by Walt Disney Co.

The movie starts out with two children named Billy and Joe waiting on their father to return from the war but come to find their father is missing an arm. Their parents were originally acts in the Medici brothers circus but their act was cut when the father was sent to war and the mother died from the flu.

The owner of the circus had bought an elephant who they named Mrs. Jumbo who was having a baby elephant. Once she had the baby, they wanted to get rid of it because he was so funny looking, who is known as Dumbo. They ended up sending the mother away because of her baby.

MV5BNjMxMDE0MDI1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzExNTU3NjM@._V1_As the movie progresses you find the father has been put in charge of taming the elephants and is in charge of working with Dumbo to get him to act. The children find out that Dumbo can fly if he is given a feather.

In the end this proves to become a huge part of the circus.  Once people have seen Dumbo they are amazed by his talents and the word spreads quickly. A big company owner named Vandemere to buy out the company and bring them to his amusement park.

The movie continues on, but ends differently in this Tim Burton version.

With this version compared to the old one you can see obvious differences but they still kept the original music such as Baby Mine and Loading the train, and some of the same specific scenes, such as Dumbo and his mother when the men are trying to get Dumbo to do his act and his mother is protecting him. One big scene they didn’t keep was Mrs. Jumbo being killed, instead they replaced it with them (redacted).

            My personal take on the movie was it still stayed along the main plot but they threw in sort of a modern twist, and with having Tim Burton direct it there’s gonna be some sort of a dark, eerie twist to the entire theme. The overall feel and opinion for the movie was it was well directed and portrayed. Everyone was very in depth with their character and made it feel even more real.

The movie made $2.6 Millions just on the opening night on thursday at the 6pm screening.