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Brooke Bandy

February 12, 2019

Who’s Better? Marvel or DC?


A common debate you’ll find among superhero lovers, movie or comic, is which franchise is better: Marvel or DC?

Both franchises have released major team-up movies within the past five years? The most recents being Justice League (DC) and Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel). Justice League brought in $657.9 million in box office sales. However, Marvel had colossal success with Infinity War, bringing in a whopping $2.048 billion!

Looking at their most recent solo hero movies, DC released Aquaman in late 2018 and Marvel released Black Panther earlier that same year. So far, Aquaman has brought in $1.12 billion in box office sales. Black Panther brought in a total of $1.35 million and has won 76 awards so far.

In 2019, the first DC solo movie of the year will be Shazam!. The first Marvel solo movieMarvel-Vs-Dc-Movies-Research-Winner of the year will be Captain Marvel. Shazam! is predicted to make $680-930 million in worldwide box office sales. On the other hand, Captain Marvel is expected to make between $700-890 million in worldwide box office sales.

Alright, that’s enough statistics. What do the people think? Marvel is a favorite at our school for a multitude of reasons. “I really like the story line behind all the Marvel movies and how they all fit together,” said Latin teacher, Mrs. Reaves. “The people are more attractive and the directing is better,” said Sophomore Clarice Arnold.  “DC movies, I feel like they don’t have enough plot and it ends up being action scenes one after the other,” said Reaves.

There have been arguments on behalf of DC, however. “I like the DC TV shows better, Marvel shows are too violent for me,” said Reaves.

Both Marvel and DC are immensely successful enterprises as movie franchises and comic publishers. Though it seems Marvel is the fan favorite of the two superhero universes, DC has had more success at the box offices with a lower number of movies. (324)


Brooke Bandy

December 3, 3018

Grinch Movie Comparison


The book-turned-movie, Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” was a 1966 blockbuster. Its two remakes in the 2000s have also done very well in the industry. There’s only one question to ask: which is the best Grinch?

The original 1966 “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes at 100%. Out of the three movies, this one stays the truest to the Dr. Seuss book. The 25 minute feature stays very simple, and doesn’t go too far into depth about his life and why he hates Christmas so much.

The next movie that was released was Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in 2000. Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Grinch was more sarcastic and merciless than the original. It has much more adult humor and seems to be geared for an older audience, rather than small children. This movie goes into depth about why the Grinch doesn’t like Christmas – the people.

When the Grinch (Jim Carrey) was a young boy, he wanted to impress his crush, Martha May (who has a boyfriend), by shaving and giving her a homemade gift. When he shows up to school with Martha May’s gift, he gets made fun of by all the kids for attempting to shave and bringing Martha May a present. From that day, he vows to forever hate Christmas.

The newest version of the Grinch was released on November 9, 2018. This movie’s portrayal of the Grinch is much more mild than the others, probably in an attempt to make him more relatable and lovable than Jim Carrey’s Grinch. This movie is once again geared towards a younger audience. There are many new characters introduced, like Cindy Lou Who’s friends and Bricklebaum, but some were brought back. You still have Cindy Lou and Max, who have been in every Grinch movie thus far.maxresdefault

This movie submerges the audience into the magical world of Whoville and the Grinch’s life, specifically where his hatred for Christmas stems from. As an orphaned child, he was never allowed to celebrate the holiday so beloved by the Whos. Christmas brings back the memories of his childhood looking at all the festivities going on outside, but never being allowed to participate.

All of these movies are amazing Christmas classics in different ways, but they all have one thing in common: the Grinch’s hatred for Christmas. All three movies portray his reasoning for despising the season in a unique way, but they all end up circling back around to the materialistic aspects of the holiday season. The original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” doesn’t go into depth about why he hates it, but it seems as though he hates the materialistic aspect and greediness of the holiday season.

Jim Carrey’s version, the Grinch talks about the gifts and greediness and how useless it all is, an how much people get rid of. “That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? That’s what it’s always been about. Gifts, gifts… gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts! You wanna know what happens to your gifts? They all come to me. In your garbage. You see what I’m saying? In your garbage. I could hang myself with all the bad Christmas neckties I found at the dump.”

The newest Grinch hates Christmas for the material things as well. You can see as the movie unfolds that the Grinch appreciates what he has and doesn’t need anything else. His hatred stems from being unable to enjoy the material things. When he sees the Whos obsessing over what he was deprived of, it reminds him of his childhood and hardens his feelings towards the season.

The Grinch movies have been Christmas classics since 1966, all portraying the beloved stories and characters in their own ways. One thing that has remained constant is our love for these movies and watching them during the holiday season. (644)


Weird holiday traditions

by : Cheyanne Alston

From eating KFC, to carrying around horse skulls, there are some very weird and unique holiday traditions around the world. Here are  just a few of them.


Considering Christmas comes in the middle of Australia’s summer, it might not come as adownload (2) shock that they don’t go sledding through the snow and building snowmen. Instead they have barbecues on the beach for Boxing Day. They eat seafood such as prawns, lobsters and the traditional english foods. There’s also a famous yacht race that’s held from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania.



In Sweden it is a tradition in the town of Gavle [pronounced : yeah-vleh] to put up a giant straw goat. It comes from the northern European tradition of yule. Santa Claus sometimes rode a goat instead of his sleigh to help deliver presents. According to CBC, since the tradition started in 1966 it has been burned down 35 times. The town has tried everything to keep this goat from being attacked and destroyed, some years it works and their goat survives the holiday season, but most times it’s not so lucky. In 2005, a group dressed as santa and gingerbread men shot flaming arrows at it. In 2009, people hacked into the security cameras so they could sneak in and catch fire to it. In 2010, two guys tried and failed to bribe one of the goat guards to let them use a helicopter to fly it away. They have been urged to stop building the statue but the town never has and says they never will.


In Catalonia Spain, you can see a little pooping figurine in just about every nativity scene. Traditionally Caganer wears a white shirt and a traditional catalan hat, but in more recent years people can find figures that look like the most famous figures in the world. It is believed to have started appearing in sometime in the 18th century. Nativity scenes tend to represent pastoral scenes reminiscent of the local countryside with rural life. He appears squatting behind a tree or hidden in the corner of the nativity. This funny little figure is very controversial and a lot of people think it should be banned, but this little guy is still going strong.


With only 1-2 percent of Japan’s population celebrating Christmas it’s no surprise that 5859799aca7f0cf3008b6d1b-750-563they don’t have the same holiday traditions as us. According to Business Insider, approximately 3.6 million families rush to KFC every holiday season for their own ‘Kentucky for Christmas’ plate for the small price of  only ¥2000-8000 ($20-80). The tradition started when foreigners couldn’t find turkey on Christmas. This gave KFC of Japan’s CEO the idea of ‘Kentucky for Christmas’ bucket, which comes with chicken, cake, and some locations even give you wine or champagne.


In Iceland, the tradition is for little kids to put their shoes on the window sill every night for the 13 days preceding Christmas. If the child was good that day then the next morning they wake up to find a present in their shoe. If they were bad though, they wake up to find… a rotting potato. Yes kids, that’s right, you either get a splendid gift or a dying spud. The lore is that 13 trolls come down your chimney at night just like Santa Claus.

“Potatoes? Out of everything you could choose why Rotting Potatoes?” said Harley


Dated back to the early 1800’s, mummering is the tradition of deceiving your friends and neighbors. Brought to Norway by the English and Irish, this strange tradition is held during the Christmas season and involves people getting dressed up in ridiculous disguises, going into people you know’s homes, and trying to spend the entire time there without being found out. Once the person is found out it, is custom to take off their mask.

“What is the point in this, like … that’s so weird,” said Aaron Hardin.


Zwarte Piet or Black Pete is a very controversial character from a story who follows Santa around and helps out. He is apart of the St. Nicholas festival on December 5. Black Pete first appeared in a story book by Jan Schenkman in 1850. The reason for this character being so controversial is the fact that people who dress up as him paint their faces black. This,  to many, is a form of black face and many want it to be banned.

“That’s so racist, obviously it’s controversial.” said Ezabai Diaz


This ‘delicious’ Greenland food is made from a seal carcass stuffed with auk (birds) that are left in a pile of stones outside to ferment for three months. The auk are put in the seal with their birds, feathers and all. They open it up and eat it during the holidays.

“That sounds like the grossest thing ever,” said Shannon Maggord.


This is definitely the most unique tradition we could find. In Wales, people put real horse skulls on poles, cover it and themselves with a sheet, decorate it, and go around the neighborhood asking people riddles. If they answer correctly they get food and treats. There are also people who dress up and follow the puppeteer

“Wait real skulls? What?!” – Sydney  (881)