Falcon Fight Song

Cade Shoemaker

March 26 – The Falcon Band is busy working to create and produce an NCLA fight song to use for athletics and school pride. The song is being rehearsed by the Falcon band, as instructor Angel Gonzalez heads the production.

“In my first couple of years at this school one of my goals is to make our own fight song,” Gonzalez said.NCLA Fight Song

His goal is becoming a reality as the fight song has already been written. Gonzalez’s friend and former undergraduate classmate, Shar Joyner, has helped a lot with the composing of the song. The fight song will model UCLA’s with tweeks to the rhythm, wording, and other musical components.

“I spent a lot of time scrolling through college fight songs trying to find some that I liked,” said Gonzalez. “I decided upon UCLA’s since the chanting section of the song could easily be changed from UCLA to NCLA”.

“I wanted to pick a song that will still challenge the kids to grow as musicians, but also be something they can have fun with.”

As a result, the band has been working on perfecting the fight song for an end of the year recording. 

Ideally, the song will be played during basketball games by our live pep band. As the players run onto the court, before the second half, and after a win. If there is no band at the game then the recorded version can still be played in their place.

“I love playing with my band during high school games,” said Trint Saunders, “As a player I also believe it adds a lot to the gym’s atmosphere”.

Last year was the first time the NCLA had a pep band attend high school basketball games. Next year the band is hoping to do the same while adding the fight song to their mix.

“We really enjoy being able to play at basketball games and are definitely ready to add more to it,” Gonzalez said.


Raya and the Last Dragon: Review

Olivia Brown

March 26 – Disney Plus released their film, Raya and the Last Dragon, on March 5. This movie was highly anticipated among audiences and was hyped up by Disney, who gave it a lot of promotions from billboards to youtube ads. They wanted everyone to see this movie.Raya_&_The_Last_Dragon_Premier_&_Theater_Poster

The movie has 94 percent in Rotten Tomatoes and a 75 percent on Metacritic. It has been the number one movie in the world for three weeks.

This movie follows a story from about 500 years ago. Dragons and humans lived together in harmony, which they Kumandra. That changes when horrible creatures named Druuns turned everything they touched into stone. The dragons tried their best to help but failed, they themselves turning into stone in the process. A mighty dragon named Sisu turned her magic into a gem that blasted the Druun away. Everyone came back except for the dragons, which should’ve inspired the people to come together, celebrate, and live in peace. Instead it leads to them fighting.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Now 500 years later a girl named Raya is introduced. Her father is the leader of the land Heart, he invites the other lands, Talon, Fang, Spine, and Tail to have dinner and make peace with each other. The other lands are weary but accept the offer. During the meal, Raya makes friends with a girl named Namaari from the land of Fang, who shows Raya a secret scroll of Sisu since they are both “dragon nerds”. Raya then leads Namaari to where the gem that holds the magic of Sisu.

This leads to Namaari betraying Raya by trying to steal the gem and the other villages finding out and also trying to steal the gem. While they are fighting to get the gem, they end up breaking it which brings the Druuns back. The monster then starts turning people to stone as they try to escape. Raya’s father gets hurt in the process but manages to save Raya and the gem by throwing her off a bridge into water and turning it into stone.

Raya promises herself that she will save the people who turned into stone by trying to get the other pieces of the gem that the other villages stole and she summons Sisu so that she can fix everything.

This movie has to be one of the best animated movies that Disney has made. The fight with Raya and Namaari towards the end is one of the best fight scenes throughout the movie. Both girls blinded by their rage, Raya with losing Sisu and Namaari with finding her mother turned to stone, are fighting vigorously to try to wound the other. The hand-to-hand combat and swordplay was phenomenal.

The lands that Raya, Sisu, and the group of friends she’s made along the way visit are beautifully shown throughout the movie. The bright and luminous colors and views will make you wish that these places were real.

To conclude I think the movie was beautifully written. It was very emotional, and some scenes I cried over. It has a balance of comedy and wholesome to it. It showed many southeast Asian martial arts styles and swordsmanship. This movie could teach kids and even adults that people need to start to trust one another and with time people can live in peace with one another. I would give this movie a 10/10 and I think it was definitely worth the $30.


The NC Zoo Welcomes Payton

Elaina Pascavage

March 26- The North Carolina Zoo recently welcomed a 1,000-pound male polar bear from Memphis Zoo in Tennessee. This male polar bear, Payton, was transferred as an attempt to result in new offspring.

New Polar bear at NC ZooWith the zoo being among the elite group of 40 zoos, aquariums, and museums that are Arctic Ambassador Centers, Asheboro is an ideal place to help conserve polar bears.

Offering an experience to see more than 1,800 animals, the NC Zoo represents animals from Africa and North America, plus desert and tropical regions. The zoo is also looking forward to the recent construction in order to add an Asian section which is scheduled to be done in 2023.

This zoo is the largest natural habitat zoo in the world, which gives their animals plenty of space to roam.

During this time, tickets must be purchased online in advance, which go very quickly. Tickets are priced $15 for ages 13-62, and $11 for ages 12 and under.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, masks are required at entry and throughout the park. Unlike some outdoor experiences, the zoo does not require one way paths. It is expected to maintain a proper social distance from other guests.

Typically if you go to the zoo at the right time you can expect to see zookeepers feeding the animals and they will answer any questions you might have but, COVID-19 has temporarily cancelled all public feeding times and keeper talks until further notice.

Overall the zoo offers a great experience for ages 2-100, and is a great outdoor activity for families during this pandemic.


Justice League Snyder Cut

Cyd Leister

March 26- HBO Max released Zack Snyder’s Justice League last Thursday. The 4-hour film was supposed to be the film released in 2017, instead of the Justice League that was actually released, and was supposed to be the start of a DC cinematic universe.

Justice League ReviewBack before the release of Justice League in 2017, director Zack Snyder stepped down from his position. There have been rumors over why Snyder stepped down. Some speculation has arisen claiming that Snyder was fired after the studio deemed his cut “unwatchable.”

The Justice League released in 2017 was directed by Joss Whedon and did not receive good reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 40 percent and IMDb gave it a 6.2 of 10.

Not long after the release of the film, prospects of the DC cinematic universe began to fall apart. Ben Affleck stepped down from the role of Batman, which is only one of the many things working against it.

Fans have been pestering the studio for years to release the original cut for the film and wishes were finally met by HBO max on Mar. 18.

The film is four hours and two minutes long, and is rated R. It is presented in a 4:3 format, which is very different from most movies.

This interpretation is much darker and more somber than the 2017 release that was rated at PG-13. The movie is more focused on story and comic representation rather than “family friendliness.”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is overall a much better movie for many reasons. The story is better, the comic representation is better, and the acting is better. The list could go on.

Despite the long length of the film it is hard to look away. It is broken up into eight parts and each part is as compelling as the last, if not more so.

The movie set up more characters and areas that DC could explore. It also shed some light on the past of the characters in the Justice League, some that were overlooked in the 2017 movie. The movie takes the time to go in depth into many of the parts that the 2017 release skims over or completely leaves out.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League received a 73 percent from Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3 of 10 from IMDb.

It is an incredible film and personally, it was thrilling but sad for me to watch. It was so upsetting to see DC throw away something so incredible and well suited to DC fans.

Fans continue to demand more. There are hopes of bringing back the initial route for the DC cinematic universe, but only time will tell if Snyder’s timeline will be completed or stand as a cinematic “what if?”.


Justin Bieber Album Review

Rebecca Avila

March 26 – Many artists have been coming out with new music. Justin Bieber being one of many to release an album at the start of 2021. The two time Grammy winner’s new album Justice has surprised many because it’s not as bad as expected. 

Justin Bieber Album ReviewChanges was Bieber’s fifth studio album which focused on his new marriage with his wife, Hailey Bieber in which they tied the knot in September of 2018. Justice follows the same narrative, love, faith, devotion, commitment and inner peace. 

Lockdown was an eye opener for the singer. Being in lockdown allowed for personal growth. He began to get himself into therapy, got rid of his phone, set a specific time when work stopped and family time began. 

The album has 16 songs. There are many featured singers including Khalid, Chance the Rapper and Kid LAROI to name a few. 

According to Apple music, “As I am” (feat. Khalid), “Off My Face”, “Hold On”, “Ghost”, “Peaches” (feat. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON) are the most popular songs on the album. 

On March 19, all of the US Spotify Streaming Chart was filled with the songs from Justice. Bieber’s song, “Peaches” (feat. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON)  wad number one on the charts with 2.181 million American streams followed by “As I Am” (feat. Khalid) with 1.728 million streams according to 

The singer did get some backlash because he used some parts of MLK’s speeches in his interlude and at the beginning of the album. 

Someone on Twitter commented: “His album is called Justice and has a MLK interlude but speaks nowhere of social justice, and is just focused on love and relationships…huh?”

The singer was backed by Bernice King, the youngest daughter of MLK Jr. She tweets in support of the album, “Each of us, including artists and entertainers, can do something.” 

Along with the release of the album, Bieber tweeted many social organizations writing, “In honor of #Justice I’m supporting organizations that embody what justice looks like in action.”

Overall, in my opinion, the album was great when I wasn’t really expecting it to be good. I didn’t like some of Justin’s previous albums but he definitely improved. I believe that it has a good balance between sweet songs, catchy songs and sad songs. It differently has the ability to reach different audiences with its variety of songs. 

Etornam Agbemabiese thoughts: “I loved the features and thought the sound was a step forward for Justin’s career. I think he will do well in R&B.”

Amelia Maxeys thoughts: “I thought that the first half of the album was pretty good but the second half just didn’t keep my attention. My favorite songs on the album are “Die For You” and “Peaches”.”

Maria Fleaks thoughts: “As a child, I grew up listening to Justin Bieber. I went to one of his concerts too. My music taste has changed a lot from then, and I don’t find myself reaching to his music often. I listened to the album, and I really liked the song with Daniel Cesar and Givēon. The album was pretty good overall.”

Social Justice organizations:

Race Forward 

Equal Justice Initiative

Fair Fight


Color of Change