Are you Scared of the Dark? NCLA Student’s Scary Stories

Nora Wood

October 23 – As the spooky season finally makes its comeback, NCLA students have graciously shared their experiences with paranormal activity. 

Rebecca Nordstrom, Senior

“I was at the neighborhood market Walmart in High Point with my family, or as we call it, the small mart. This [paranormal activity] was right when it opened so the store was brand new. We were walking around the store and stuff just randomly started falling off of the shelves, like boxes of noodles and salad dressing. I first thought that maybe the shelves were not level until I watched a bag of rice lift up and fall to the ground. I really have no explanation for that. To this day, I do not go into that Walmart unless I have to because it still gives me a weird feeling.” 

Mckenna Porto, Junior

“There is this hallway in my house that goes into the basement. When my brother and I were little, my mom used to open it thinking we got locked down there because she would hear noises coming from it. However, there was no one there. One time, she even pulled it shut and then immediately heard knocking on the door only to find nothing behind it. On Christmas Eve around 5 years ago, we were telling my grandpa about the knocking that we always heard. It was kind of freaky because it wasn’t just the house settling. It was a very human-like knock. When we told him, he said he did not believe it. Right when he said that, something knocked so loud on the door that it sounded like something was pounding on it. We were all in the living room.”

Ian Arnold, Junior

“I was in my room one night and out of nowhere, my lamp fell off of the table.

Spooky Pictures for Students Spooky Stories
Credit: Kathryn Meehan, Junior

I went to pick it up and then go to the bathroom. I then heard a thud and my bible was laying on the floor exactly where the lamp had fallen. This was around a year or two ago. Nothing else has happened other than this. However, I will sometimes find my stuff moved around when I wake up in the morning. I now sleep with my door locked.”

Dylan Coltrane, Junior

“One day, I was at my house when I was 7 years old right after my grandpa had just died. It was one of my first times staying home alone since my mom was just going around the corner. I was already kind of paranoid. Then I heard ‘Dylan?!’ from upstairs but it was in a man’s voice. I was very confused so I went upstairs to check, but nothing was there. When I went back downstairs, all of my dogs were in the room that my grandpa had stayed in before he died.”

Riley Green, NCLA Graduate ‘19

“I moved into college last year and one of my suitemates was a witch. She grew up as a Christian but decided she didn’t like it, so she became a Wiccan. She liked crystals and rocks and did tarot card readings. She also liked to do spells. I don’t remember a lot of what they were, but I know she wrote on bay leaves a lot and did some things with them. One night, there was a full moon and she and my other suitemate, and my roommate had to go outside and do something with them (I still do not know what, though). She also made a sweet jar once and it had some sort of herbs, sugar, and honey in it. She made it because she and the other suitemate and roommate wanted the RA to date one of them (and therefore be sweet to them). The girl who was a Wiccan decided she wanted to convert back to Christianity and joined a Christain sorority. I moved out shortly after that so I do not know if she is still practicing or not. The Wiccan’s roommate was the one who brought a demon with her.

She told us out of the blue one night and said ‘guys, I think I brought a demon to college with me’.

She further explained that an old lady would appear over her bed at night and act as if she was going to strangle her. They did research and figured out it was a sleep paralysis demon that she was seeing called the Night Hag. However, nothing exciting really happened with this. Occasionally our doors would close but I am 99% sure that was because of the air. Our string lights would also occasionally turn on and off sometimes but that is most likely because they were $3.00 from Target.”

Hailey Fox, Freshman

One night, I woke up around 3:00-4:00 am. I turned over and saw something that looked like a person. It was not a coat hanging or anything else. Just an empty corner with a figure. I went under the covers to hide and waited there until I built up the courage to sprint out of my room into my kitchen. However, as I was laying there, I heard breathing noises. I now leave my TV on throughout the night.

Halle Jenkins, Junior

“I just KNOW that my old house was haunted. One night, I did all of the dishes but an Italian dressing glass jar was still dirty so I put it in the sink. This dressing jar was put into the bottom of the sink since it was the only thing in there. Around 2:00 am, I heard a very loud noise so I texted my dad. He was in my parent’s bedroom and my brother was in his room while my mom was out of town. He said ‘Was that you?’ to which I said ‘No, I thought it was you’. We both went out to investigate the kitchen and somehow the dressing jar was shattered on the far left side of my kitchen. There was absolutely no way it could have gotten out of the sink. It almost looked like someone had thrown it. But, no one was on the side of my house that this happened in. Even my dogs were with my dad. My dad also swears up and down that he would see an old, creepy man standing on our fireplace on multiple occasions.”

Allee Davis. 8th Grade

“When I was little, my mom would hear little footsteps in the attic. She told me that once the creaking of the wood stopped, I would wake up, go get my toys, and proceed to play with an imaginary friend. His name was Johnny and no one else could see him. The scary part is that you could see the toys being moved around when I was probably a foot away from them. I basically had a ghost friend when I was 3.”


The Life of a Journalist

Brooke Bandy

October 23 – Journalism is one of the most crucial and widely known fields in the world. Journalists have to get important, accurate information out to the general public in a timely manner to keep them in the know. 

Brent Campbell worked for WGHP Fox 8 and WPDE-ABC 15 in Myrtle Beach as a reporter and anchor. 

“I liked to write. I’ve always been a writer and a reader and I think the ability to convey a message through words was really what drew me to it [journalism] and I like to tell stories. I like the power of a good story, so that’s what a journalist does ultimately is tell someone or something’s story in hopes that they tell it in a way that the outcome is changed for the greater good, or can draw highlights to or help the person by telling their stories. So telling stories is what drew me and I still enjoy that,” he said.

Brent Campbell

“I got my degree in communications with a concentration in broadcast journalism from Appalachian State. From there, I got my first job in television news at WPDE-ABC 15 in Myrtle Beach, SC and I worked there for four years. I ended there as a morning anchor, and from there I came back to North Carolina and worked for WGHP Fox 8 as a reporter and an anchor for 15 years,” said Campbell. 

He covered pretty much everything, from local news to disasters to national events. 

“You name it I probably covered it. I probably covered everything from horrible car wrecks to major hurricanes to two presidents to local news and school boards and county commissioners to city councils and crime sprees,” Campbell said. 

“I actually did enjoy covering education and showing how education was changing, and I won a couple awards for education reporting. I also enjoyed consumer reporting and working with folks to figure out why maybe they didn’t get the rebate or the refund, or something along those lines, where they deserved it., so I enjoyed stuff like that. Crime stories, accident stories and stories about death were not something I enjoyed,” said Campbell. 

Journalism has changed a lot in the past decade with the advancements of technology and people’s constantly decreasing attention span. 

“It’s changed a lot in the past several years. Today it’s much more competitive in terms of finding the right audience. Journalists today have to tell stories very differently than they did 15 to 20 years ago. There’s less time to tell stories and today’s journalists have to be able to capture a reader or a viewer very quickly, within the first few seconds, or they move on,” said Campbell. 

A very recent struggle for newspapers has been the movement from print journalism to online media. 

“It varies from place to place, but right now, most newspapers are struggling. More than half of the cost of a newspaper is traditionally paid for by advertising rather than subscriptions, but as the internet has grown, advertising dollars have moved from newspapers to the internet,” said Winston Salem Journal Editorial Editor Michael Scott. 

Scott began in journalism in a bit of an unconventional way.

 “I have a Master’s degree in Library Science and had worked in libraries for a couple of decades when I took a part-time weekend job on the Winston-Salem Journal’s obituary desk, just for fun and to make a few extra dollars,” Scott said. “After about a year of doing that, the full-time position, during the week, opened up and I was invited to take it. I accepted, thinking it would be an interesting change of pace.” 

Almost three years ago, the position of editorial page editor came open and I was invited to take it. I’ve been very fortunate; I had a lot of on-the-job training and opportunities became available to me based on the quality of my work. It’s almost unheard of for a journalist’s career to go this way.”

Another big struggle with journalism and the media is getting accurate information out to the public quick enough. 

“Today’s journalists have to be someone that’s able to get quick information out fast,” Campbell said. “Information, and accurate information, and sometimes they’re dealing with inaccuracies that are reported, so a journalist has to be able to set their stories apart from other stories that may not be as accurate or as factual,”

As the press continues to move towards online sources, print newspapers have taken hits, but organizations that have moved online are beginning to thrive. 

“The industry is in decline and practically every newspaper has experienced downsizing of personnel and content. Nobody seems to know how to stop it,” Scott said. “At the same time, news is still essential and valued. The Journal has more readers than ever, about half of them online rather than print.”

People will always need news, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need newspapers.”

Journalism is a field where every minute matters. There are deadlines everyday and you have to get your work done by the end of the day. The best thing about this is that there’s no homework or due date hanging over your head. IMG_4736

“That’s one thing about TV news. Every day is a deadline, every moment is a deadline,” Campbell said. “Now the nice part about that, or the part that I liked, was that when your day was finished, you were finished. You didn’t go home with homework or with projects hanging over your head or things to do down the road each day. You kind of got to start fresh work on something and finish it.”

Anyone looking to be a future journalist should be someone who is dedicated to their craft and knowing exactly what you want to do and who you want to work for. 

“Take a long hard look at the world today and make sure that’s the path that you want to get into in terms of being entrenched and how it all works today … be careful about where you work or where you want to start your path and figure out where you want to start your craft and what kind of stories you want to tell,”Campbell said. 

Scott added, “Tomorrow’s journalists will need to have a background in a lot of different topics and they will need to be flexible, able to work with language and with technology. They will need to be dedicated. It’s a demanding industry that is not always financially rewarding.”


NCLA Elementary Library is Open!

Lindsey Allen

October 23 – For the first time in NCLA history, we have a library on campus. 

The NCLA elementary school library has been in the works since fall of 2019, withIMG-7261 the big motivator being Ms. Turner, a first grade teacher.  

“I started thinking about it at the beginning of the last school year, and then we did the fundraiser in the fall,” said Turner. “It has taken us until this year to get everything rolling.” 

“Last year I came up with the Read-A-Thon Fundraiser, where all the kids got donations for reading,” said Turner. 

With the money raised, she bought books, bookshelves, and even a computer system to scan and keep track of the books. About half of the books they have in the library were bought, and the others were donated by families in the school. 

They are still taking book donations in the front office. 

One of her goals for this year within the library is to do more fundraisers. 

“We will have to update some books each year for wear and tear purposes, and then we will get new things just to add to our collection,” said Turner.

Mr. Whitmore, who has high functioning autism, is the new Librarian. He is excited to share his love for books with the elementary students during the new library special, every morning. 

He has planned different lessons and books to read based on the months and the seasons.

For the month of November we will be studying books with a food theme, so we will be reading Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food, The Old Man Who Loved Cheese by Garrison Keillor, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Blueberries for Sal, will be read in that period of time, DW the Picky Eater,” said Whitmore.

“For the older grades during that period of time I will be reading for 3rd graders I will probably be reading with them Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers, one of the Bailey School Kids books for 4th grade I will be reading them Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then for 5th grade I will probably read them James and the Giant Peach kind of to tie it all together because there’s so many picture books and food related books.”

He has packed his lessons for this year to the brim, as he is also hoping to teach about award winning books, short book series, and legends and tall tales.

Some of the other themes I’m looking forward to doing this year are Arthur, Amelia Bedelia, Berenstain Bears, for sure Curious George, some of the Stephen Kellogg books,” said Whitmore. “I’m hoping to be able to do a legends and tall tales kind of theme, and do some of those, but probably my favorite one I’m looking forward to doing is the award winners, the Caldecott Award winners, and also the Tommy de Paula because he’s always one of my favorites.”

Some of the benefits of having a library on campus are that Mr. Whitmore can help them learn how to search for books in a library and how the books are categorized. 

“A lot of the kids haven’t ever been to the public library, and so this can help them get that important experience and just learn about libraries.”


What’s New on Disney+

Olivia Brown

October 23 –Recently Disney has released new trailers for their original series, The Mandalorian. The trailer shows scenes between baby Yoda and the Mandalorian being chased by enemies, who want to take baby Yoda away and return him back to his own kind. the-mandalorian-season-2-poster

In 2019 the show beat Stranger Things, in streams during the weeks between Nov 17 and Nov 23 with 100 million streams. The Mandalorian will be releasing on October 30 on Disney+.  

Disney has also released trailers for their other shows such as Clouds that was recently released on October 16. Based on a true story, the trailer shows a seventeen-year-old boy named Zach, starting his senior year, who has recently asked out his crush and is having the time of his life until it all comes crashing down on him when he finds out that he has cancer and has six months to live. 

With him having a little amount of time left, Zach and his best friend Sammy decide to write an album, which Sammy posts on social media and goes viral. As his cancer gets worse, he is then faced with the realization that when he dies he will be leaving everyone he loves behind including his girlfriend. After some thought, he opts to make a goodbye song titled “Clouds” which is also a hit song. 

Lastly, Disney released a trailer for their short film, Once Upon a Snow Man, which is the untold origins of Olaf from Frozen. The film shows Olaf’s sweet and funny personality as he has just been created, it also follows with him having a problem with self-identity and trying to discover who he really is just outside the snowy mountains of Arendalle. This film is set to be released on Today.


Best of Halloween Movies

Skylar Maness

October 23 –

New Halloween movies:

Hubie HalloweenHubie Halloween was released to Netflix on October 7.Halloween Movie pictures Since then, it has had more views than any other show or movie for the past few weeks. 

Hubie Halloween is rated PG-13 and described as a comedy-horror film.

In the movie Hubie Halloween, the main character Hubie faces mockery from people in his town who he is devoted to. However, Hubie will turn into a hero and save his town and Halloween.

 “I think that this was a great movie, it was pretty funny,” Ava Gonzalez, a sophomore at the NCLA said.

A Babysitters Guide to Monster HuntingA Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting was released on October 15. This movie can be found on Netflix as well. 

In A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting, a brave babysitter is on a mission to save the child she is watching who was taken by monsters.

Although this movie was rated TV-PG, the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board rating indicates that “this program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children.” 

“This movie was kind of slow and the plot was strange, but the movie overall was okay.” Zoe Encore, who is a fifth-grader here at the NCLA said


Halloween movie pictures 2Ghostbusters: The original Ghostbusters movie came out on June 7, 1984. 

Since the original Ghostbusters movie, there has been a Ghostbusters 2, and another Ghostbusters movie that came out in 2016. There will be another Ghostbusters movie called Ghostbusters Afterlife that will come out on March 5, 2021.

The Ghostbusters theme song alone has around 210,225,200 views on youtube.

 Ghostbusters show the journey of three kooky scientists who lose their jobs and follow their passion for ghost extermination.

Ghostbusters is a classic that me and my family enjoy together about every year. It never fails to make me laugh!” Abigail Brannon said

The Haunted Mansion is a 17-year-old Halloween classic starring Eddie Murphy.

In this movie, a realtor and his family are summoned to a mansion that they find out is haunted. This teaches Jim (the father, husband, and main character of this movie) the importance of family and reveals how he has neglected them in the past.


Celeste Paradis, a 10th grader at the NCLA said “ My favorite Halloween movie would probably have to be Coraline because I love the creepy but childish dream factor of the story.”Hallowen movie pictures

Kylee Coster, a freshman at the NCLA said “My favorite Halloween movies include Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas because they remind me of the excitement of Halloween when I was little.

Colby brown, a sophomore at the NCLA said “My favorite Halloween movie is Hubie Halloween because it’s hilarious.”